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Chapter 4 Completed Thread - Spoiler Alert

posted by ElWaster on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users
erm... simply put, wow!

What an awesome ending...:eek:

TellTale - I just want to say - THANK YOU! This has been the most enjoyable episode so far. I can't wait for the final one.
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  • Yeah a very gud ending can't wait till the finale next month should be great.

    Weird how Morgan got stabbed with her own sword and if you suddenly go back, she is gone, who would take the body, it wouldn't be De Singe because he said at the end he ran away because of the blood on the floor.
    I think it was Jacques the monkey,:eek: think bout it he was there just before she died and if he is an magnetic kinda monkey it kinda makes sense.
    What do you guys think ?
  • His left hand is attached in the screenshot, look at this diagram I drew:
    image" border="0" />
  • Like I said, that's not his hand. That's a monkey.

    And you're still ignoring the fact that this particular scene takes place inside the court room.
  • Ok Guybrush dying I was not expecting ;_;
  • The major question, it's for me more. Do they really died Morgan and Guybrush, because any character are dead in this universe, and the disapear of Morgan's corpse is strange.
  • Oh wow, that ending was epic. Thank you Telltale for bringing back Earl Boen!!!! He's one of my favorite voice actors of all time and hearing him back as LeChuck again brings me no end of joy. Are you going to re-dub LeChucks lines from the beginning of Chapter 1? No disrespect to the other guy but when you get the original and beloved voice actor back in his iconic role it would be nice to give him full reigns of the character again (at least the demon side of LeChucks character).

    Again, wow, epic, thank you!
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