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CSI: DI Case 3 *Stuck!*

posted by AmiraF on - last edited - Viewed by 252 users
I am totally at a loss as to what I need to do next.. I have the plant from Jack Shell's room but the bud I picked up from the crime scene doesn't match the available spaces on the plant. I have the ring but no further way of getting to know anything about it...please help!
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  • The plants should match, now about the ring, when you went to Al robins, you must have got a paper on which there was a print of a palm from the victim, then you need to put the ring and that palmprint under the microscope, move the print so you can see a ring shaped print and you will see that the ring matches to the print on the victim.
  • The palm print is correct but necessarily needed but helps towards a 100% score.
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