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How do u get 100%?

posted by RebKean on - last edited - Viewed by 232 users
Maybe I've missed something, but after finishing the game
I realized that I've got really bad scores on all cases, why?
And how do u improve them?
A couple of times I was stuck and made some errors,
I get that, but on a couple of cases I can't understand why I wouldn't get
max on all?
What should u do? :confused:
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  • To get max on all, you have to collect all evidence, compare everything (you may compare a sample of DNA with one thing to get the effect, but if you compare to other similar DNA items it counts also), Search everywhere, ask the correct questions without making a mistake (i.e. dont ask a question that will require an object you dont have already).

    Its tough to get everything 100% each case first play, but on your 2nd you should do better knowing what to expect and where to look etc.
  • Ok, I see what you mean.
    I did try yesterday, to look at the scores and then compare a sample with another sample. The scores didn't go up that time, but maybe it's a reason for that. It's not difficult too look at all places I think, but are there more things to do even after the green checkmarks there?
    I know I've done mistakes in interviews, that's for sure, I didn't know you should'nt even ask the questian without proof though....
    The game's too
  • This is a frustrating game. If I get 100% on skill, my thoroughness tanks. If I'm 100%thorough, my skill tanks. I'd like to crack this but get bored of playing the same case over and over trying for 100%. There must be an easy way I'm missing darn it!!!
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