Feast - how to "use" ?

hi, would someone please help me..
my english is not perfect.. and i don't "get" how the Feast for the Sense "works"
have everything,.. in my inventar, but now ? i don't get it what do do..
i've the tiger or lion feat, die glass-leg with the insects, the pepper..., the voodo-cards, and now ? what should i do now... ?



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    What is going to do the eating?
    This feast isn't for you, you need to give the items to the sponge, so that it can have the feast
    In your inventory, combine the items with the sponge one at a time, in order
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    Don't forget you need an eyecatching napkin
    Stans Jacket is pretty eyecatching
    But he won't take it off, unless he is made too
    Maybe if it was attacked by moths, it would come off

    As for feeding the sponge, just combine the courses, in order, with the sponge.
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    The glass leg isn't one of the items you need to combine with the sponge. But you do need those moths that are fluttering around it to retrieve a nice eye-watering napkin for you.

    Something in plaid, maybe?
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