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OS X + Parallels?

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is anyone playing Sam and Max on Tiger with Parallels? (MacBook with GMA 950 Graphic Chipset?

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  • Parallels doesn't support Direct3d yet, but they say it's coming in a later release. You can play under Boot Camp, though (and you can boot that partition inside Parallels for other stuff)
  • He's going to struggle with a MB anyway. The graphics chip is the same as you'd find in a budget PC, i.e. it 'steals' its memory from system RAM, and I have been reliably informed (from people who have tried playing native Mac 3D games) that the performance is abysmal. This is why I saved up for longer and bought a MBP, which has a separate graphics 'card', with its own dedicated RAM.

    Just remember, to install XP under Boot Camp, a version that includes SP2 is required (there are instructions all over the 'net on how to 'slipstream' SP2 and create a disc that includes it).

    But I wouldn't hold out too many hopes even then...

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