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stuck on feast 2

posted by Masta23 on - last edited - Viewed by 443 users
I have put the sugar coated leg on the altar but nothing happens. I am completely stumped.
Am I supposed to use the moths on the altar? becasue I can;t.. I have the burnt out leg
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  • I noticed that when I leave the scene and return, the sugar coated leg is gone so it doesn;t seem to do anything. Any tips?
  • [SPOILER]IIRC you first have to put the leg-shaped lamp on the altar to the fireflys go to it. Then you take it back (maybe you have to leave the screen first, dunno) and put the suger-water-soaked wet on the altar and leave the screen.

    When you return to the altar, the leg is gone and there is a nice glowing trace of fireflies you can follow to find the beast.[/SPOILER]
  • My lamp is burnt out so can't atttract any fireflies. IS there anyway to get a new one? I'm beginning to think this is a bug.
  • Wait a moment and let me think...I may have mixed something up....

    aaah, yes
    [SPOILER]The moths are attracted by light, not the fireflies!

    I suppose the solution really is to pour sugar into the well; then the fireflies come (as they are attracted by sugar), then you put a leg into the well with the sugar water.

    That should do the trick, the fireflies should now stick to the leg. Then place it on the altar, leave the screen and return.

    Maybe you had put the leg into the well before you poured the sugar in before?[/SPOILER]

    I hope it works now, that´s all I can recall...
  • I have the sugar coated leg already but when I put it on altar, leave then return nothing happens. I can;t actually pour sugar in the well atm.. guybrush won't do it. Therefore I have no way of attracting fire flies to the well.
  • I´m sorry then, I don´t know what´s wrong...
    I just played it yesterday, but I can´t think of anything else....maybe someone else has a clue?

    BTW, you did do the first feast already? Maybe you have to solve the puzzles in the correct order....
  • yes already done the first feast
  • ah done it think I might have forgotten to follow the fireflies gah I feel stupider saying that out loud lol. I thought.. well don't know what I was thinking heh
  • Hehe, glad you made it! :)
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