ToMI, autosave on quit? (minor spoilers)

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Am I just imagining things, or did ToMI not have an autosave feature when you quit the game?

Because in ep4 it's not working. When I start the game and click on "resume game", it seems to take me to my last manually saved game and not to where I was when I quit the last time.

Example: I'm at the very beginning right outside the jail cell. Yesterday I remember talking to the glass blower, identifying the puddle of molten glass, talking to Stan, and getting the magnetic beard game. When I resumed playing today I was standing outside the jail cell again, right where the last autosave kicked in (from when you get out of the jail cell after talking to yourself), the puddle is still named "puddle" and the magnetic beard game is back on Stans table...


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    Nope, that's only something WG did (and it caused a fair bit of problems unfortunately). It should restore your most recent save, be it auto-save or manual save, but the autosaves only occur at certain major plot points (or possibly when you enter the dock, I don't remember off the top of my head).
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    Oh, great, so I am imagining things... :rolleyes:

    The funny thing is that the last game I played was episode 3, but since I played that in only two sittings I never noticed this. And before that it was Bogey Man which is probably where I got used to it.

    BTW, how can autosave-on-exit cause problems? It seems to my simple mind that it should be easy (the game is paused and it's equivalent to the player manually selecting "save" before quitting), although as a SW developer I know that easy on the surface can be annoyingly complex underneath... :D
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