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LSL game dumped.... another one for telltale to pick up?

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Well first off I must say the last Larry game wasn't all that good. A bunch of mini games thrown together isn't much of an adventure game. This series still has potential to make a great adventure. What do you guy think?
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  • Umm...what? Dumped? Is the license not still owned by Vivendi? Aren't they rumored to be making another Larry game already? Isn't the series past the point of help?

    EDIT: Ah...I see. The portable Larry spinoff game was axed. Still though: No.
  • If they made a decent game and advertised it probably it would be pirated instantly and millions of 13 year old boys would be playing it (After all, it might have nudity and teen movie style jokes in it so it must be good!).

    Besides which, Leisure Suit Larry sucked. Funny moments only happened when it wasn't supposed to be funny. Like in LSL 1. Larry has sex with someone without using condom. Then he walks a little down the street and dies instantly and a message pops up saying "Whoops, you should have used protection!" or something like that. Hehe.

    Also I reckon the license is dead after the latest game managed to suck so bad.
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    Bah. 13!

    I was playing a copy of Leisure Suit Larry when I was 10! (the VGA remake, not the original).
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