The end

Hi guys, i'm at the end with De Singe and Elaine.

What i've to do?

Already 3 hours here tryed everything and nothing happen.

Help pls.


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    If you are there, you may remember a painful experience you went through just recently.
    DeSinge may be all but immortal, but he still feels pain.
    Your inventory may have some items that can inflict pain.
    The hook, while producing a unique and funny response, is not enough.
    Man, wasn't that pepper hot to the touch?
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    Is it just me, or is water just not sweet enough?
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    That huge Vycalian Wind Blower thingy statue looks creepy. Let's knock the lights out of him.
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    I`m stuck.
    I have the fireflies above the water (sweetwater), but DeSinge isn`t interested in my pepper? Rsponse: "Hmmmpf...pirate humor"..

    What to do?

    Figured it out:
    The sponge and the wind device...
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    put the sugar in bucket of water. Give pepper to de sing. then talk to elaine & de sing.
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