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Feast issues...

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Not sure what to spoil at this point, so I'm gonna go with pretty much everything.

[SPOILER]Pretty sure I know what napkin to get for the first course of the feast... but no idea how to get it. I assume I need some napkin eaters but can't figure out how to get the buggers from where they're at to where they need to be. Any ideas?[/SPOILER]
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  • Just completed it now, won't give away the ending but it's will have ppl saying "WHAT!!" :)
  • OH MY GODDDDDD just finished TELL TALE GET TO WORK ON NEXT ONE NOWW lol wowsers lots of killing in this chapter btw dont think anyones died in any of the other monkey islands ever
  • Rolant;216952 said:
    Its say "coming soon" on the sign. I can't do the challenge, Guybrush don't read the sign o.O.
    Hmm, quite odd. Are you up to doing this yet? I found once you got the map the coming soon sign went away. Not sure what could be wrong. =\ (Sorry for being no help at all. =P)
  • maybe attack him w something hot and spicy? ;)
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