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"Unholy THIS!" - How will Guybrush bounce back from this?

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Here we discuss our theories of how things will play out in Chapter 5. And to discuss the ending in general.

I saw it coming the moment he put the Voodoo Lady in jail. But I already have theories on how it will turn out.

- Think back. What happens when Le-Chuck makes a kill? Undead-crew? Yes. My prediction is Guybrush and Morgan are forced by voodoo to work for Lechuck as he sets sail for Monkey Island. Skeleton Guybrush? Yes please. And hey. We have to go back to Monkey Island for some reason.

- The monkeys. Why did he go though all that work to put the monkeys back? Or did he? Has he placed them strategically around the ocean to perform some crazy voodoo spell?

- Telltale taking our ideas? :D. A thread about the Voodoo lady being evil and BAM, Telltale decide to entertain this idea. People want more darkness.. Bam. Stan.. BAM. Murray... BAM. Elaine VS Morgan.. BAM. The character that resembles Kates personality is a play on how we all want Kate. And we wanted Stan to look like his original appearance and we got it. This is what we call excellent use of feedback.
Now lets take a look at what else we requested and find out what to expect. But wouldn't it be great to have Insult Sword Fighting? Hint Hint.

Oh and the "UNHOLY THIS". I love a running gag :) The dialogue in that finale worked beautifully. I liked the ending.
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  • Hmm, in the voodoo lady's trance, she says, "You", before screaming. That sort of indicates that she knew the person who killed her. I honestly think it's LeChuck since they make it clear that De Singe didn't do it and then LeChuck shows up and stabs Guybrush the same way Morgan was stabbed. I think that's an indirect answer there, pretty damn low even for LeChuck. I'm sure he's killed women before, indirectly led to Minnie's Goodsoup's death and tried to kill Elaine multiple times, but it's Morgan. She's such a likable character even when she cuts your hand off, knocks you unconscious, ties you up, and hands you over to a crazy non-french doctor who's looking to use you to infect all the pirates in the world with the pox to create enough elixir to obtain never ending immortality.
  • Personally, I'm kind of hoping that we'll control Elaine for the very beginning of the game. I think it would be cool to see how her swordfight with LeChuck goes down and how she starts a quest to bring Guybrush back before we even get to Guybrush in the land of the dead.

    ...waaaituhminute...this "land of the dead" isn't going to be run by soda poppers, is it?
  • We do know that the undead servants of LeChuck can work against him to an extent. Remember the Friendly Skeleton in SoMI? So yes that first theory makes a lot of sense and explains Morgan's disappearance
  • I'd actually love it if it was a parody of King's Quest VI's similarly-themed land.
  • Awe man I remember thinking that was so wicked back then.
  • Byakko;218712 said:
    Games take at least a year in pre-production, usually regarding PC/console full release games (not counting casual games). Certain handheld games also require this much time in pre-production. The games main plotline and character design would have been vetted and decided long before the first chapter and the creation of this forum. Telltale is unlikely to have taken anything from players' feedback cept for very cosmetic elements, such as maybe putting in extra work to get the texture work on Stan's jacket.

    Anyway the nature of TOMI had been, there was really few deviations it could've gone while using completely the old characters a little more. Voodoo lady especially. So far the only new character of great enough importance to rank with the main cast is Morgan, leaving not much room to make out who is the big bad. In this case, it's LeChuck. Again. And yeah, hint hint for Voodoo lady but it's going to tie up with us liking her again, trust me.
    Before Tales came out Telltale said Murray would not appear unless they got a lot of requests. The Episode format allows them to design games as the go along. Hence the cheap 3d animation saves money and time meaning the can create one of these games in less than two or three months. That's also why they run competitions for your dialogue to get in the game, because they can put it in.
  • i think Manny will save GT from the land of the dead and get GT back alive
  • Sande;218841 said:
    i think Manny will save GT from the land of the dead and get GT back alive
    I knew he had a name!
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