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Question about the ending of chapter 4 (SPOILER)

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So, correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall Le Chuck telling Guybrush just before he stabbed him that he was released from prison as soon as he explained to the ones keeping him that it was the only way to win Elaine's hand in an unholy matrimony. So, I don't see the click here. I mean, why would they release him for that, when they already held him responsible for the pox, as he, himself, told them? So, it's like:
Le Chuck: "Hey, pirate dudes, I know I'm responsible for this pox-thing going on and all, because I was the one that confessed in the first place, but could you please release me? You see, I intend to marry this Elaine chick, but I can't do it behind bars."
Pirates: "Woah, former demon-pirate dude, why didn't you tell us sooner?"

If i got that part of the story wrong, I apologize, but if not, would someone care to explain?
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  • I was under the impression that LeChuck understated the resistance he got when he broke out of jail in order to catch Guybruch and Elaine off guard.
  • Hardtack was convinced that Guybrush was two people. And was convinced to drop charges by simply TALKING LONG ENOUGH. So you see, is it REALLY THAT HARD for just about ANYONE to get out?
  • Oh, I assumed he'd just killed Hardtack and escaped, and that the 'convinced the guard' part was a joke.
  • Its kind of been lost over the course of these games but LeChuck is supposed to be a very intimidating presence and quite competent... Everyone in the Scumm bar in the first game where afraid to set to sea because of him... and if I recall one was even afraid to take a bath or something like that.

    Its possible there is a whole mob of people shuddering in a corner in Club 41 during the whole GT Vs LeChuck confrontation.

    Also GT started it he did skewer LeChuck first in the first episode... Even though his actions where not entirely uncalled for.
  • I'm with planeforger and pluizig - LeChuck was lying about being let out, he probably broke out, or tricked Hardtack similar to how Guybrush did. He just said what he did to get Guybrush off his guard before betraying him.
  • Backstabbing LeChuck said:
    Oh, the guard was more than happy to release me once I convinced him that it was the only way to win Elaine's hand in unholy matrimony
    Confused Guybrush said:
    wait, unholy what?
    Now literally stabbing LeChuck said:
    unholy THIS!!!
    sword said:
    slicety slicey stab
    Man what a psycho LeChuck is... Its great to have him back... I didn't want to buy that he could ever be a good guy.
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