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[SPOILER ALERT] Chapter 4: List of Unanswered Questions

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So, I just beat Chapter 4 and I've found it absolutely astonishing and amazing - truly epic, in all senses of the word. :) The storyline gets really interesting and strange, mysterious events of epic proportions start to unveil as we come so close to the season finale. If you haven't beaten Chapter 4 yet, do NOT read on and do NOT unlock the spoilers below, your game experience will be seriously spoiled - you've been warned. But for those of you who have already completed Chapter 4, please feel free to propose the discussion of any mysterious or just unclear things you've noticed so far (in Chapter 4 or maybe something from the earlier chapters) that haven't been answered so far in the game, and if you feel like it, propose your theories as to how exactly this or that mystery will get resolved in the end.

My list of unanswered questions so far:
1. What exactly happened at De Singe's lab between De Singe and Morgan? Was De Singe really the one who killed Morgan?
2. What was Morgan's line that Jacques the electric monkey told her something all about?
3. What happened to Morgan's body after Guybrush returned to De Singe's place later?
4. Is Morgan really dead or has she been just seriously injured and then healed, or perhaps, if she was dead, revived by someone?
5. Were LeChuck's words about the Voodoo Lady at least partly true?
6. What role will the Voodoo Lady play in the season finale? Will she prove to be good, evil, or just a neutral mediator seeking to restore balance between the good and the evil, or someone else entirely different? And will we actually learn more about her identity and intentions at the end of ToMI, or will she remain completely mysterious as ever?
7. Did Guybrush really die at the end of Chapter 4?
8. If Guybrush is dead, how will he get revived (if he will get revived of course)?
9. If Guybrush is dead and does not get revived at the very beginning of the season finale, who will we get to start the game as?
10. What has become of De Singe? Is he also dead, having been destroyed in the Vacaylian device, or have we not seen the last of him?
11. Who will be the Pirate God in the season finale?

A less Chapter 4-centric list of things that are just interesting to discuss, in my opinion:
1. What actually did happen to Murray, per Guybrush's question in Club 41? We've seen him descend to the bottom of the sea at the end of Chapter 3. Does that mean we're not going to see him again in ToMI, or will he return somehow in the season finale? Will the chest be found by someone, perhaps?..
2. Was LeChuck ever truly good in any of the previous chapters, or was he actually always intent on getting his zombie/undead/demon powers back, even when he appeared so human and harmless?
3. So far we've seen Guybrush, Elaine, LeChuck, Voodoo Lady, Murray, and Stan (did I miss anyone?..) among the returning characters from previous Monkey Island Games. Will we see any other classic Monkey Island characters in the season finale? If so, who will it be?
4. What will be the places of action of the season finale? Will we see the famous Monkey Island(TM) that appeared in the end of every Monkey Island game so far, will we see any familiar old islands, and will we see any new islands (except for Monkey Island if it's going to appear in ToMI), or has the place of action pretty much been set by now?
5. Will we finally learn at least something about the famous Secret of Monkey Island(TM)?

It'll be interesting to hear your opinions, guys! Also, I can't wait to play the finale and learn more about those things above... hopefully at least most of them will be resolved at the end of the game!

- Agetian
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  • I got some questions, probably silly ones:

    1-Is Winslow (and other pirates) cured form the pox, although being out of the Floatsam winds reach?

    2-The monkey in the Morgan scene did have not a metal-magnetic tail!
  • Agetian;218957 said:

    2. What was Morgan's line that Jacques the electric monkey told her something all about?
    Am I the only one who's wondering how Jacques could have told her anything in the first place? He's a monkey...
  • Maybe Morgan actually is a monkey turned woman by means of voodoo... some people said she looks like a monkey and now she speaks monkey......
  • feverfew;219077 said:
    La Esponja sucked the Pox. The hand runs on the Pox. No Pox, the hand is dead. No brining back to life.
    If it were as simple as that, Telltale would've shown the hand getting the pox removed. I suspect that somehow the hand will retain the Pox. Somehow, I think it will have somehow gotten sheltered from the sponge's effect.

  • I Heard somewhere, that chapter 5 will take place in the pirate underworld, the land of the dead. This would provide a link to Monkey Island, given that there is a portal to Hell there.
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