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Do you find that the episodes are cheap - pricewise?

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I just got thinking about this when i read the thread Sergei started and Emily said that the game is cheap.

Actually 6*$9=$54 which is more than the price of a average game here. Buying each episode only makes sense for those who aren't sure about game or if you can't afford the game at once.

It only looks cheap if you buy the whole season at once which makes $35. But then you still don't have a CD with the whole game on it, so you have to add the shipping costs to this sum which makes maybe another $10 (what are shipping costs to europe?) which gives $45 (or $64 altough i don't know if it will be possible at all) which would be a avergage price for a game here.

Without this you still won't have a CD, a booklet, only some files on your harddisk. Doesn't look cheap to me and weren't we once told by almost all game studios that as soon as their chunk of the cake is getting bigger they also would lower the prices?

Well, looking at the numbers i don't see this happening...

And beside of this TTG has the advantage of more than one distribution channel. GameTap Deal/Sales, TTG online sales (with all the benefits like lying much longer on the shelf), later on traditional reseller once the cd is ready? With some further investment the console versions.

Looks like a cash cow to me if you have a game which is doing well.

I don't grudge them their success but "cheap" actually looks different to me.


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  • $54-$64 is actually cheaper than recently released games here in the UK, and it may be equivalent to a Saturday's night out. Therefore $36 is almost "budget price". Hooray for weak currencies :).
  • No I think its a bargain. Im very happy about the prices.
  • In France, the price of a PC game is between $65 and $78 so for me it's a very cheap game regarding to the price :) and a console game, for next gen, is $92... so 35$ for 6 games of 3 to 4 hours is a great deal for me :)
  • EwanV;21935 said:
    With the current exchange rates It works out as something like £20 in the UK and the average game new costs £30-35.

    If you don't want to buy the whole series you don't have to spend more than a few dollars to find that out.

    Besides which your missing the point,
    1. I like adventure games
    2. You like adventure games (or you wouldnt be here)
    3. Nobody else is making adventure games
    4. If you want publishers to start making adventure games again this has to be a success so you have to buy it at any price.
    #3 is wrong. Some companies still do make adventure games. Cyan Worlds of Spokane Washington certainly does...
    EwanV;21937 said:
    And as they get much more out of the cake i wonder why the prices are equal to even beeing higher here than if i would have bought the game in a store to the usual price.

    That ones simple economics.

    Telltale are small, they wont sell millions of units, so they require a higher profit margin to stay in business.
    Simple economics, eh?

    Bad economics more like.

    The economic law of supply tells us that since Telltale will have a lower Qs (quantity supplied) they will end up selling at a LOWER price. :rolleyes:
  • I'd say $54 is a bit on the pricey side. Most games on Direct2Drive are 50 dollars or less, including such smash hits as Oblivion. $35 however, is a bargain, compared to what PC games in brick-and-mortar stores are going for... and the Euro-Dollar exchange rate is a nice incentive for the folks on this side of the pond to just jump in and buy the season.

    As for CDs, I don't care about those very much - they just take up space, and all you really need to play is a copy of the game on your hard disk.
  • I don't understand the appeal of a cd at all.. I've already got the episodes on my hard drive..I could burn those files on to a disc if I wanted to.. why do I need to be sent a cd as well?
  • It's the principle of the thing. If it's in a physical format, then the thing instantly is more valuable (to some subconsciously, to others consciously - and, of course, to others it doesn't make a difference).

    I know I personally would prefer a CD version of it rather than a digital one (or even a CDr one), and having considered the option of a digital over a physical release myself in the past (that's a different story altogether), I came to the conclusion that there are more people out there who'd prefer a physical copy than a digital one (researched). Maybe it's because it "requires more effort on whichever company's part" making it appear there's more value for money.

    Anyway, I don't want to be restricted by the authorisation code forever, which requires an internet connection & the authorisation code handy. Pff!
  • I think the price is pretty decent. For their length, the games are incredibly content heavy. After all, you can't just add some more corridors or drop in some more monsters to lengthen the game, as you can do in most other genres of games. Personally I doubt they even have that high of a profit margin on the Sam & Max games at all.
  • I find the price to be alright, but at the same time I also desire more content. If they increased the cost for one episode to $12.50 and for a whole season of 6 episodes to $59.99, I would be willing to pay it. For those who can't afford it, or for the young audience, the price would get cheaper several months later as it always does.
  • Lysandus;22016 said:
    Personally I doubt they even have that high of a profit margin on the Sam & Max games at all.
    Yes do you really think they are making bundles of money when they have to pay 30 staff members..and the time it takes to make an adventure game.. $6 is a great price.
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