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Opening Scene in Chapter 4 (Spoiler-ish, maybe)

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I'm only a short way in to Chapter 4, but I just have to give props to whomever animated/choreographed/computereded/Whatever-ya-call-ited the opening scene in Tales 4. Without a single word uttered betwen Guybrush and Morgan, there's so much emotion conveyed -- The betrayal, the guilt, the tension -- and it's all done within the limitations of the Telltale Tool. It very much impressed me, and the scene gave the entire series an emotional weight that I never thought I'd get out of a Monkey Island game.

Awesome job to all who helped make that scene happen.
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  • It really did set the mood for the entire episode. When I viewed it, all I could think was: Gee, this ain't gonna to be a happy episode.
  • I definitely agree; that scene was very well done. There wasn't a single word, but the looks and expressions of both Guybrush and Morgan were really powerful.
  • Translators will be really happy for that scene.

    *Hoping for an international fully localized release on DVD sometime in 2010*

  • Having just finished the whole thing, I have to say that this was an exceptionally well-crafted episode, overall. I thought the intro scene was very well done. Up until now, regardless of how dangerous, silly or wierd the situation was, Guybrush was never without a quip or wry observation...So seeing him just sitting in silence - that really brought it home. Masterful.

    Telltale, give yourselves a huge pat on the back for this episode, it has been brilliant. Really, really good job guys. Feel smug and gloat, because you've really earned it this time.
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    NickTTG Telltale Staff
    awesome! ya that was one of my cutscenes. i really like working with morgan. and i did quite a lot of morgan acting this episode...
  • Pak-Man;220531 said:
    We tend to call it "chored."
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    NickTTG;220885 said:
    i really like working with morgan. and i did quite a lot of morgan acting this episode...
    You guys did a great job with her charakter! Although it's comic style her emotions are clear and fit perfectly. Same for Guybrush of course. That's why I love those two Charakters interacting.
  • in my opinion the opening in chapter 4 was rather boring. i mean every episode till now had an climatic opening: ep. 1 fight against le chuck, ep. 2 fight against morgan, ep. 3 the cage-quiz with de cava - but chapter 4 had just a little sequence with a simple one-liner by GT and that's it.
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    the opening is supposed to lead one into game obviously. And chapter 4 simply is dealing with mostly interpersonal and very emotional issues... thats why I think the opening fits perfectly.
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    NickTTG Telltale Staff
    while it's true that it didn't open was a crazy sword fight or thrilling exchange, I think if you look at the end of episode 3 and imagine these episodes playing out back to back, you wouldn't want that kind of cutscene/scenario. also, i think that the opening sets up so much of the rest of the episode as far as the tone of island at night and of the episode as a whole, how morgan feels about what she's doing, and what guybrush thinks of her.
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