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About the title of Episode 4 - spoilers

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Big spoilers ahead!
Spoilers !
Spoilers about the end of the game!
You've been warned!

It was a good design decision that the game is called The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood. At first Guybrush is under a trial and the comdenation would be to hang him if he was found to be guilty. Then Guybrush is set free and you feel relief about it.

My first reaction was to say, wow then the didn't of the episode was only half truth. But then we get the events of the end of the game and the execution is... (excuse the pun) executed! I must say it was a good twist and I was definitely surprised. I loved the storytelling in this episode. Probably the most dramatic of any Monkey Island game. What do you think about it? Were you surprised as well?
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  • it's a bit hard to say i was surprised now, since it seems obvious afterwards, but it did catch me offguard, yeah.
    I sure suspected something was up, though... I just never bought into the voodoo lady thing and LeChuck's "revelation" made me all the more suspicious.
    When he arrived at the end i just went "okay, so what was he up to ?" and then "oh... yeah... Guess i should have seen that one coming".
  • It was a very clever way of making the title relevant, yes.
  • Astro Gnocci;220568 said:
    and then "oh... yeah... Guess i should have seen that one coming".
    Likewise. I still can't get over just how well they executed that (no pun intended). Even after he mentioned "unholy matrimony", it still didn't click. I guess I wasn't being fully attentive. And then, boom, 'Brush-ka-bob, and I jumped a mile. :p That'll teach me to divide my attention.

    I'm glad it happened like that, though. It made the scene far more effective than it would have been had I been on guard.
  • I dunno, really. As I approached the ending, as soon as a cutscene started, I immediately thought "so this is where he dies?".

    A BIT surprising with LeChuck just cutting away at him all of a sudden, maybe, but not all that unexpected.
  • I was suspicous to LeChuck for 3 episodes, but when he came to save Elaine & Guybrush I found it funny, and LeChuck as part of good guys. Only thing that he knows about riddles and mind games helped him to save them. Then I lost every hope that LeChuck will go voodoo again. But I was wrong :)
  • I was like OMG "unholy matrimony"! LeChuck was really pretending all this time! It was all the better because previously LeChuck "sacrificed" himself to release Guybrush from prison. I really believed at one moment that with his Pox gone he had turned to a good guy.

    As much as the title indicated I never thought Guybrush would be killed like that! I was expecting something along the lines of COMI.

    Well done, Telltale. To anyone who had any doubts here you showed that you can do drama as well as humour. Can't wait for some serious (hopefully detective) adventure.

    Now I'm expecting Episode 5 to be mind blowing! Epic really. How will they surpass this?
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    pilouuuu;220721 said:
    I was like OMG "unholy matrimony"! LeChuck was really pretending all this time!
    Haha, yeah... I was still reeling from that line and going "Wait, what??... hang on", when LeChuck turns around and stabs Guybrush in the guts - "WAIT, WHAT?!?!" I think I actually shouted "NO WAY" at that point. I am not the most perspicacious of creatures. :p
  • Same here. As soon as the charges had been dropped, I was convinced that the "execution" wasn't going to happen. As for LeChuck, I was totally suspicious about him all the time, but in the last scene, I totally didn't expect what was coming. I was like "Unholy matrimony...? WTF?!" And before I could even think about it, he shish-kebabbed (spelling?!) Guybrush, and my jaw went down like that: :eek: Really, I gasped at that scene!

    Gosh, Telltale sure know how to do their stuff...
  • I was sure he was going to die through the whole game. Even when he was cleared of all charges, I wondered if more would be brought up somehow.

    I knew where the end of the game was because Telltale always have final puzzles like that - the only exception I can think of right now is Abe Lincoln Must Die - and when LeChuck showed up, I paused the game and wondered in the notes I was taking whether LeChuck was going to turn out to be evil and kill Guybrush and fulfil the title.

    So I guess I wasn't really taken by surprise. Though that wasn't an execution. More murder.
  • I find it hilarious that everyone (well, a lot of people) on the forums were convinced Guybrush where going to die. Then, when he did die, everyone (well, a lot of people) on the forums were completely surprised by his death. Well done Telltale.
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