Bug getting from Purple to Green Idol despite map being correctly folded

Just wondered if anyone else had this issue. Having completed combining the chilli with Sponge Egrande I moved on to the sense part of the quest. This involves entering the jungle then folding the map such that a clear route from the entrance to the purple idol then to green and then red, is visible. This is achieved by folding the map inwards at the four corners after which the ground will shake indicating that the new route has activated.

I am running into an issue whereby I reach the purple idol but then cannot go south along the path to the green idol. Interestingly in the default map layout you ought to be able to take the south road to the screen with the stone block, but this is similarly bugged.

Does anyone else get this issue?

Edit: Lots of views but no replies, can anyone else confirm this issue please?


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    Try moving a bit to the north so the game backs out of the going-down-is-bad routine? Once I did that, the next try worked. I think.

    I know I had some problems with the trail not working even after I refolded the map, but on later tries it just worked...
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    I played on from an early saved game and this time it worked straight away. Can't say what caused the problem, but if anyone else has it try playing through from an early save from before you got the map.
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