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  • I would say unlikely. LucasArts still hold the rights to Grim Fandango, don't they? I can't see Telltale going to all the effort (and spending the money) necessary to persuade LA to lend them Manny JUST for a brief cameo.

    That said, some sort of subtle shout out to GF would be cool.
  • And what about if Manny... is Santino??

    Or Santino's son, or Santino's father......
  • Oooooohhh just because they are both skeletons they are related.......
  • I think that Morgan's body disappeared because she became one with the Force, a'la Obi-Wan and Yoda. We'll be seeing her as a blue ghost in the next chapter!

    On topic though, I think that Monkey Island can pull off the drama, but Tales is starting to go juuuust a bit too far. It depressed the hell out of me in parts, and I'm not sure if that's what I want in a MI game...
  • Irishmile;220231 said:
    Oooooohhh just because they are both skeletons they are related.......
    And where does the stenographer fit into all this?
  • Well, based off what Mike said in Nintendo power, this is just the tip of the ice berg. "Horrible things will happen." I think LeChuck will reach a new level of ultimate evil unlike anything we've ever seen before in any Monkey Island game.
  • Rather Dashing;219549 said:

    Monkey Island can pull off the drama. It's too bad that Telltale can't without putting huge, glowing qualifier signs to tell us "Don't worry, the drama doesn't ACTUALLY matter!"
    Or simply, Telltale can't, period. I'm sad to say this about them, but here they tried something that really didn't work out. Kudos for trying, please stop!
  • Don't touch the MI drama !!!! I love the MI drama !!! I became an adult, and I'm happy that MI became more adult with me !! I'm tired of Monkey Island taken as a light comedian-only-humour story !!! Mi is more than a comedy !!

    It's epic, fantasy, it must give as laughing as emotions !! And the mix in this Episode 4 for me was absolutely perfect ! I rolled on the floor laughing, and really had great emotions !!!

    THIS is the real Monkey Island spirit by Grossman & Gilbert !!!
    Don't ruin this spirit, and if you want an only-humour story, play Sam & Max !!!
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