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one of the things that made EMI good and dark

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I think that Ozzies allmost Nazi like behavour made him a great villian in the franchise and a giant threat in the game cos he makes it clean he doesnt only wana kill/enslave guybrush and elaine (and possebly LeChuck) but destrtoy Guybrush way of life every thing he loves would be taken away by him. Thats what made jumbalaya and kuttin atol so depresing on one side you got the clean happy polite island where all trace of pirateism has been removed and on kuttin atol a dark depressing places where the pirates where forced to live in small shacks with no doors couldnt talk to more then one pirate at a time and a re education class its the closest thing to a pitrate prison camp (and if u try to talk to ppl in the houses u can here in there voice there scared).I think that was somthing that ppl seem to miss because of the monkey kombat HT marley stuff but I remeber getting depresed at kutin atol and realy happy when ozzie was smushed
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  • I've got to agree. I liked Mandrill, I thought he was a decent and evil character, plus I loved his music cue. People may not like the commercialized aspects of the game, but the contrast of Ozzie's shenanigans really did build up a good atmosphere on Jambalaya Island and Knuttin Atoll.
  • In before the MI4 hate starts

    Yeah I like the game, it had plenty of fun stuff to do and for the most part it added cool things to the world of MI.. and a few bad things as well :p
  • it added cool things to the world of MI.. and a few bad things as well
    As did every MI game ever since MI2 :p
    Just how cool or bad a thing is depends on the point of view.
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    i wonder why in ToMI it isn't possible anymore to use stuff ON Guybrush... that was my favourite thing to do in the other MI games. :'/
  • Yeah, I enjoyed. MI4. I even liked the monkey combat. The dialogue is good/funny enough and the puzzles are nice. The point the game was making about 'fake happiness' was good, but I mostly appreciated the humor.
    The thing with Otis having a trauma from MI1 is hilarious, imho.

    It's just that the controls are bad and the graphics were a big step backwards from MI3. Especially the lack of facial expressions is a real bummer.
    Getting the game working on a new computer can be a buggy/crashy experience too. There is no ScummVM to save the day.

    All in all it's a great game with terrible packaging. LA jumped onto the 3D boat WAAAAAAY to soon here. It would have been really good if they stuck with the MI3 way of making it.
  • Also love the game.
    IMO it is easier to play on the PS2 than it is on the PC. (Have PS2 version and played PC demo).

    I loved it on Lucre when you spray something in Ozzie's house and he says:"You befouled my xxxx".
  • Especially the lack of facial expressions is a real bummer.
    The animation is top-notch, though. Very expressive. I'll never forget how Carla and Otis looked at each other when asked where's Meathook...
  • Cool, an MI4 appreciation thread. Finally!

    I too liked the game. I agree it didn't look very good and it controlled like crap, but it had great characters and it was funny! I thought the environment designs were actually pretty good, but the character models were certainly lacking.

    I even enjoyed the theme of the game that so many people seem to hate to much. I don't know, maybe it's because I'm from Florida and I've seen plenty of those towns that used to be working-class fishing towns (or...pirate towns back in the day, maybe) turned into ridiculously garish tourist traps. It was pretty funny to see them spoof that.

    So, don't be so hard on MI4! It doesn't deserve that.
  • It had some big problems, but also some very nice elements. I always liked Lucre Island (overall) and I agree Ozzie wasn't that bad.

    If only LucasArts would remake EfMI, if it was made in 2D it might avoid the expressionless-Hillary-Clinton-Guybrush and rubbish background art :p
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