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Problem Installing Cow Race

posted by Anonymous on - last edited - Viewed by 599 users
I downloaded the installer, and when I run it, I get a popup that says "Unable to open file for tagging"

Anyone else have this problem?

What should I do?
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  • Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about the problem. It sounds like something may have gone wrong during the download.

    Did this happen when you ran the download manager (the icon is a a square with DR and an arrow on it) or the setup.exe? And is it the demo you're trying to install, or the full version?

    Delete the file called "Download TheGreatCowRace_Setup now.exe" (the icon with the DR and arrow). If you've already downloaded the setup file, you should also delete that (it's called TheGreatCowRace_Setup.exe). Depending on where the setup file downloaded to, you might need to do a search to find it. The default spot is a temp folder called DRDld, inside your local settings folder on C:.

    After these files have been deleted and you've emptied your recycle bin, go back to the Cow Race Bone 2 product page and download the demo again.

    (If you're having the problem with the full version and not the demo, the names of the files you need to delete are slightly different. Let me know if you have trouble finding them.)

    If download the file again and try to run it and have the same problem, please send an email to explaining the problem, and customer service will help you figure out what's going on.
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