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Invalid Key after laptop profile change

posted by Jim on - last edited - Viewed by 586 users

I have S&M installed on my laptop that I take from place to place. I have a profile chnager that automatically adjusts my network settings between locations. This includes switching off of different interfaces at different locations to save power (such as turns my wireless off when i'm at certain sites that don't have wireless access). After this happens my S&M key becomes invalid (obviously the key is generated based on hardware), at several of the places i'm at there is a proxy which stops me from being able to connect to the registration server, and therefore I can't load my saved games (because it only allows me to play in Demo mode).

Is there a way around this? It means that alot of the time I can't play the game.

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  • Unfortunately I don't think we have a solution for this. :(

    My suggestion would be for us to send you an activation key based on the hardware fingerprint when the wireless is turned off, and then always turn off the wireless before playing Sam & Max. Not the sexiest solution, I know.
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    Could the solution be two .reg files? One that I click on to set up my lappy for wireless and one for non-wireless? That way I wouldn't need to connect online. It's a little backwards I know :)
  • I'll try to find out.
  • Same problem here :(
  • I never got an answer, unfortunately.

    Which game are you having the problem with? We made some changes to how the activation system works starting with Sam & Max ep2, so I'd be curious to know if it happens with ep2 also, or just ep1 (assuming you're playing Sam & Max).
  • I just bought the fulle episode set and haven't got time yet to play them all.
    In fact I just started ep1.
    The problem is that I play this game on my laptop when I'm on the road (mostley with no internet connection available) and when I'm at home I play on my (more powerfull) desktop computer.
    When I played on my desktop and I start the game later at my laptop, it asks for key check and when there is no internet connection available, I can't reactivate :(
  • That's not a problem, just click Activation Support (on the laptop) and follow the instructions to get an activation key from us.

    If you're noticing that the game is activated when your laptop has a internet connection and deactivates when it's not connected to the internet, that could be due to wireless internet being turned off. We have fixed this in subsequent episodes but it's still an issue for episode 1. If this happens, click Activation Support when the internet is turned on, note the hardware fingerprint, and click it again when the internet is turned off, and note the hardware fingerprint. Send us both, and we should be able to generate two activation keys for you (one that works when the internet is on, and the other that works when it's off).
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