Episode 3 - how to win at indian poker

OK I need to win at poker but I am not doing it right and I am not sure how to proceed. If anyone could tell me what to do or give me a hint, thanks in advance.


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    Doesn't it look like he's staring rather intently at something before he decides whether to bet or not? Also, Max had something you needed at the beginning, but no longer has it. Look upwards at the exit for more inspiration
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    I am also stuck at this part. I have been for quite awhile. I see what the guy is looking at, I understand how he is winning, but I'm not sure how to stop it. It seems like I should be able to shoot out the reflective nose, but that doesn't seem to help. I've been up and down the main haunts (Sybil's, the corner store, etc.) and can't find anything that would help. What am I missing?

    EDIT: Nevermind ... I restarted the game to see what Sam had once but not anymore. And I figured it out. Can't believe I didn't notice that before.
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    I -really- over thought that puzzle. I was looking for a cocktail napkin, or anything with the Casino logo on the back, so I could split the playing card from the office (that is, remove the thin paper layer that is the back design), adhere that somehow, then cop the fake card into play during the game. Hehehe. I think it's funny anyway ;)
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    It took me some time to realize I could just
    stick the card onto the nose
    without any extra help. I didn't try it at first, but after walking around, not finding anything, I did... A bit too easy, really...
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