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Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island coming out this Friday!!!

posted by Bernus on - last edited - Viewed by 8.2K users
hey beloved pirate-fans.
just want to remind, that the new Bill Tiller game Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island is coming out this friday Nov. 06 (at least in germany - dont know the release for the us-version).
maybe a good game to short the time till Ep. 5.
And no I'm no PR-guy I'm just a passionated adventure-gamer who loves pirates ^^

btw. the PR for this game is horrible. no commercials in the whole web and no demo - for a game coming out in just two days. sad...
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  • Shame - it'll sell hardly any copies despite looking beautiful, just like AVS.
  • I really wish this was coming out in English at the same time... but I guess I can not fault them releasing it in a country that will actually buy it first.
  • After reviewing the trailer once more I decided even I would rather wait for the english release...the German voices suck.
  • let's make a thread in their forum demanding an english version released at the same time!;)
  • Didn't even know it was a German production. Another German game on the waiting list for translation. The Whispered world, The Book of Unwritten Tales, and now this. >,< Probably take me faster to learn German.
  • Mataku;222073 said:
    Probably take me faster to learn German.
    Guten Tag. Mein Name ist der_ketzer. Wie spät ist es?

    Kann ich dieses Gummihuhn mit Karabienerhaken in der Mitte haben?
  • Mataku;222073 said:
    Didn't even know it was a German production. Another German game on the waiting list for translation. The Whispered world, The Book of Unwritten Tales, and now this. >,< Probably take me faster to learn German.
    Meanwhile, Simon the Sorcerer V (and the pain it brings to people) is waiting to be finally released in english, maybe in Q1 2010.
  • DeLuca;221397 said:
    It was originally conceived AS an MI game back when Tiller had finished CMI. He thought of a game where you play different parts as Guybrush, Elaine, and LeChuck. When he disassociated from LA and MI in general he took it this direction and now you have the game you see before you.
    Kinda makes me think this is an example of why he was an artist not a writer.
  • Just for the record:

    Well then I remembered a conversation I had with Larry Ahern back in 1998 about the idea of doing episodic adventure games, not one episode at a time, but three to five episodes on one disc. He said Tim Schafer would love to do another adventure game if the development time weren’t so damn long. So Larry and I got to thinking, what if we had Guybrush, Elaine, and Le Chuck all hangining out at the SCUMM bar telling their stories, and each story was it’s own adventure game that was kind of linked. Then we’d have three different Project leaders each with their own little team doing a little episode, then the company would pack them up and sell them as one big game. I thought we could call it, ironically, Tails of Monkey Island or Tales, if the pun was too stupid, which it was apparently.

    Well that didn’t get farther than just talk that day. But it got me to thinking,- it would be fun to play other characters beside Guybrush, sort of like Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle or Maniac Mansion. So while working on Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine I started coming up with ideas for Mi4 where you played Elaine (possible pregnant ala the movie Fargo), Guybrush, and Guybrush junior, their son. And then I thought it would be cool to make it in real time 3d because the Indy game we were doing at the time was looking pretty good.

    So just for fun I asked Mai Nguyen to build me a 3d Guybrush from CMI, and asked Reed Knight to build the Barbary Coat barber shop from CMI in 3D,and we threw it into the Indy game. It looked pretty cool. We kept it in as an Easter egg. And I evene demo it for Sean Clark and Mike Stemlle before they started on EMI.

    But sadly I wasn’t allowed to be involved in EMI, even though I badly wanted to,- too busy on Indy Infernal Machine- which bummed me out considerably. So I realized at that moment I was never going to get to work on a MI game again. : (

    Unless….I made my own! : )

    Well at first I had this vampyre game idea I wanted to do, but in the back of my head I kept mulling the three player MI-like game in my head. Who would the three pirates be exactly? What do they have to do? Then I thought it would be cool to play cursed ghosts, like the members of Le Chuck’s crew. So that is when I decided , yes, I’ll make a MI inspired pirate game, but instead of a geeky kid at Disneyland/ Big whoop™ wishing he was a pirate, I’ll make three cursed pirates who start off as ghosts. But that is far as I got, and then I put the idea on the back burner for about six years.
  • I don't know what to think of it... sure it looks really REALLY good... but the story and dialogue of a Vampyre Story was pretty mediocre

    Good writing to me, is much more important than the graphics
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