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Good adventure games

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Playing TOMI has gotten me back in the spirit of adventure games, something I used to love years ago. And I don't mean to be openly talking about games sold by companies other than TTG (if it makes you feel better, I just purchased both seasons of S&M), but I am too lazy to join another forum just to ask this question. Besides, the community here obviously has good taste in adventure games!

I've tried a couple here and there in recent years, but they always end up sucking. Terrible voice acting, dumb plot, senseless puzzles, no real conversation trees, etc.

I recently tried a demo for "Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer" and I didn't like it. The voice acting was just okay, but the puzzles were lame, items scattered about in stupid ways, etc. Glad I tried the demo first, that's for sure.

The only somewhat recent adventure games I have played were "Scratches" (okay but mostly lame) and "After Life" which was an impulse buy and I dreaded every minute of playing it (terrible voice acting and dumb minigames).

Some games that sound interesting include "The Lost Crown" (looks okay, but unsure), "Darkness Within", "Culpa Innata", etc. But I am afraid they will have bad voice acting, stupid puzzles, silly minigames (timed, arcade-like etc) that distract from the game, stupid plots, limited conversation choices, etc.

I just want a nicely made, nicely acted "serious" (scary/mystery) adventure game. Nice controls is a definite plus too.

To give you an idea on what I used to like (although I don't know if I still would or not), I used to play the Tex Murphy games, Phantasmagoria, Myst, etc.

What have you all been playing? Anything stand out as a nicely made adventure game? How is Telltale's own CSI game?

I appreciate any thoughts or advice!

I should also add that I don't care too much for games that involve pages and pages of reading. (Yeah, I know Myst was like that, but.....)
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  • try some tex murphy.. some of those are impossible to play even with patches and xp..

    annnd cpu gpu slowers..

    and nah gabriel knight has always been advent.. not horror..
    and phantasmagoria was one such game I spoke of needing tweaking...

    all of those old games with the apple quicktime oddball codecs can also toss your machine for a loop
  • I've had pretty good luck playing old games between the DOS emulators & Virtual PC, and of course ScummVM pretty much takes care of the old LA games. I use that to play Full Throttle & MI2. Fortunately LA redid MI1 so no need for tweaks or jumping through hoops to play that one! :) As mentioned in a previous post, I got a Tex Murphy game to play but it did take some fiddling (although I stand corrected. I just remembered that I couldn't get it to work on Virtual PC but had to use DFend & DOSBox and yes... it was a royal pain to get it working), only to be disappointed as graphically it was pretty harsh and it was taking forever for the story to get interesting. When you think back on all of those ground breaking games you played back then, you think about how great they looked, but when you play them now they look horrible. :) I can accept that for Monkey Island, Full Throttle & Grim Fandango, and maybe a few others. But unless the game truly is a masterpiece, I probably won't get past the graphics.

    I'll look into Gabriel Knight games too. I've heard of them, but I don't think they appealed to me back in the day; However, tastes change.

    Nobody seems to be mentioning any recent games (other than CSI)..... are there really none made in the last couple years that are any good? Are the CSI games any good, or all equally as good as each other? I'll try the demo one of these days.

    I seem to have memories of having a hard time finding good quality adventure games even back then.... many of them sucked, but every once in a while you found a good one. I remember Phantasmagoria being one of the first video games that ever freaked me out a bit (it had its moments). But having played it again a few years ago, even that is a bit tame by today's standards.

    For now I am enjoying Wallace & Gromit as well as Sam & Max (and OF COURSE Tales of Monkey Island). I am still in shock that we have an all new piratey Monkey Island adventure. I really hope they keep 'em coming for years and years. Even though TTG was pretty well known before TOMI, I'm certain that they are even more well known now and that sales of ALL of their games have shot up. I'm very happy for them and I wish them continued success. All I ask for is about, oh..... 20 more seasons of TOMI. :D
  • Have you ever tried Indigo Prophecy? It's not a point-n-click, but it *is* an adventure game, as far as I'm concerned. One of the best in the past few years, at that.
  • for me

    i just dont see the horrible in the old games... i see past that, and i never had an issue with tex.. ever.. well not game wise..
    getting it to work.. well there was one that did work but went to slow or fast.. either or..was nuts..

    still loved it more than 70% of the advents out today
    and i loved its free roam system and crave it... even telling telltale CSI would better in this arena.. but no one listens!

    plenty of awesome 1st person advents.. just have to do it right, and with this lastest csi fiasco .. well .. lets just say those games just got worse and worse(i dislike them very much)

    20 seasons? lol id hope for 3-4
    and you didnt like strogbad? wowzer
  • you have to check out Machinarium. stunning, beautiful game and probably the best adventure game ive played since curse. This game had been made in the spirit of classic adventure games, and its a masterpiece imo. At least have a look at the demo, you can play it straight off the website
  • Starting to get some more recent ideas, it seems. I've never tried Strong Bad, so don't know if I like it or not. That was the only one here that didn't sound interesting at all, but I'll look into it.

    I haven't tried Indigo Prophecy but that was another I saw mixed reviews on. Also, Machinarium.... I read about that the other day and the article said it was very good. Just wasn't sure of the plot or the idea of playing as a robot. However, I just played with the demo for a few minutes (thanks) and it seems okay. I will add that to my list of games to look into further and/or try.

    Oh, and the 20 years of TOMI was a joke. Though I wouldn't mind it, I know it is unrealistic! I agree.... 3 or 4 seasons would be nice, and I also hope LA gets back into adventure games as well.
  • KevinD872;221938 said:

    Also, Machinarium.... I read about that the other day and the article said it was very good. Just wasn't sure of the plot or the idea of playing as a robot. However, I just played with the demo for a few minutes (thanks) and it seems okay. I will add that to my list of games to look into further and/or try.
    I must add- once you get through the first part, the game really opens up and there's plenty to explore. It may feel a little claustrophobic and possibly frustrating to begin with but its worth it :)
  • The game I always recommend: Jack Keane.
  • The longest journey is the best adventure game.
  • I can recommend a great horror game i recently played, and it's free for download.
    The white chamber. It's not very long, and is quite linear (except for the endings, which you have 4 different ones), but I really enjoyed playing it, and for a non commercial game, i was very impressed.
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