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You know you're obsessed with Monkey Island when....

posted by raycichocki on - last edited - Viewed by 9.4K users
-When you see sword fighting in a movie you wonder if they're going to insult each other with rhyimg comebacks.

-You cringe at the idea of Monkey Kombat

-You think Guybrush is a legit name for your first born son

(add some of your own!)
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  • GuruGuru214;221902 said:
    -When you read at your computer (or just get bored, for that matter) you grab the small electric keyboard next to your desk and start mindlessly playing the Monkey Island theme on it with one hand.
    Hehe, guilty! :D
  • Silverwolfpet;221912 said:
    Hehe, guilty! :D
    ...I have to say, I'm slightly weirded out that I'm not the only one here. And yet somehow, not all that surprised...
  • When your hanging out with your girlfriend, and she asks you if you want to do somthing and you say. DMNKLY!( Kind of True.)
  • When you don't actually hate monkey combat.
  • When you start every conversation with "Hey, did you play the new monkey island yet?" for a week straight.
  • -When you successfully got one of your roommates to know who Guybrush Threepwood is after elaborating the entire MI series, and get them to watch Chap. 4 and they are equally shocked with the turn of events and is just as eager as you are for the next chapter.

    -You snap far more than normally all because of ToMI (thanks TT!)
  • - You hope someone calls you so everyone can hear your awesome MI theme ring tone. (guilty once again)
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    When you see someone struggling to solve a problem and you start listening Good Lechuck's theme in your head and start asking 'Did you try ....? or plainly saying 'Use ____ with ____' (I'm still unable to get into a situation where "Use Merkey with yourself" could apply, but I already used "Use Breath Mints with Yourself")
  • rugby;221899 said:

    - You found out about TMI because you have randomly Googled "Monkey Island" every couple of months for the last 5 years. (*Guilty*)
    ME TOO!!!!!!!
    haydenwce27;221981 said:
    When you don't actually hate monkey combat.
    YOU'RE CRAZY! Crap drove me NUTS!
    rugby;222031 said:
    - You hope someone calls you so everyone can hear your awesome MI theme ring tone. (guilty once again)
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