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Not got a response

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Hey, I emailed the support team about a change of address 3 days ago, I haven't got a response yet. I need you guys to be aware of the change as I pre-ordered Tales. I did get an automated response which told me I had been assigned the code 'issue-22572'. My email is redacted

I would appreciate it if somebody could check on my issue, because I don't want to end up having to pay for the collector's DVD to be sent again. It's possible that I just didn't get the reply but it's never happened before and I'm using a reliable service (GoDaddy). So yeah, let me know - either via email or this topic.


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  • If it's just Tales that's bothering you, don't worry about it as the DVD for Tales isn't going to be sent anytime soon and even then it's a separate order when it's available.
  • Someone replied to your issue a day after it was sent, but for special edition DVDs you will have to make a second order since we didn't collect shipping addresses (since it was digital only). We'll send out an email to everyone who qualifies letting them know what to do. Until then don't sweat it.
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