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Using The Hook On Loose Plaster

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Did anyone figure it out why you can use the hook to scrape away the loose plaster in the jail cell? (Chapter 4) I completed the game, and it seems unresolved. Is it a reference to an older Monkey Island that I missed?

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  • I'm pretty sure it was just a red herring. That whole "that bar looks loose, that piece of wall looks unsturdy" was just a parody of all those get out of the jail puzzles that have become a cliché in adventure games.

    I never tried getting the gravel loose with Guybrush's hook though, but it sounds like a continuation of the red herring.
  • Yes, that was just a red herring. Guybrush assumes he could get out by removing the seemingly loose bar or by digging through the plaster with his hook, but the bailiff won't let him try.
    Then you can make the bailiff go away for a short time, and if you try to escape you'll discover that the bar is not so loose and that there's steel under the plaster. So you have to find another way to escape. I thought that was quite funny actually.
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