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Your Favorite Theme...

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The musics of Monkey Island (tm) games are, in my opinion, the best pieces of music ever. Beyond this poll, i'd like to know where to download the intro music of the video in the main page of Monkey Island
here the piece of music is a bit different, and more beautiful, than the intro musics i found on some sites. Anyone can tell me where to download it?

Michael Land we love you ^^

Here you can hear teh musics if you don't remember them ^^ (pirates around fireplace)'s%20Time%20Sharing%20Agency.mp3's%20Theme.mp3 (Banjo Duel)
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  • i love Stans theme I' mean... who doesn't :D?
  • All of the music of MI3 is spectacular and can't be considered for its individual pieces but as a whole considering how each theme and variation reacts to the situation. I'm currently working on a full analysis of the whole soundtrack. Just ripping apart the thing. Might do some transcriptions at some point.
  • Jade Zealot;224148 said:
    This may sound weird, but I love the arrangement of "Dem Bones" used during the nightmare in MI2.
    My god! That was annoying! Lasted far to long I think!
    puzzlebox;224020 said:

    Edit: How is it possible that Captain Dread is the only option without any votes yet??
    Not anymore! :p
  • There are plenty of great choices on there, but I am going to have to go with the Introduction Theme because, quite frankly, I have been humming it uncontrollably for the past few months. It is almost as addictive as the Space Quest III Introduction Theme. Someone help me!
  • the whole series is full of great tunes! you know what was sweet, the music in the time marsh in mi4...i heard the theme pop up again somewhere in tales as well i think @ the mating grounds
  • Well, my favorite song is the whole rhyming song when they first set sail in Curse (A Pirate I was Meant to be), but the main theme has been stuck in my head for about a month, so I've gotta vote for it. I really love all of the MI3 music though.
  • Well I always enjoy the ambient music like "The clearing" on Blood Island, and "beach with Egg" on Blood Island as well. The Goodsoup hotel has great ambiance as well.... I could go on forever on songs that I enjoy. When I was at St. Thomas last week I listened to M.I. the whole time on my IPOD as I went everywhere.

    "Monkey's on the Sea Cucumber" is another undderated song while I'm at it.
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    Doh, you forgot the diving music :(
  • I must say it is the introduction; not only is it a really great track, but also the only one I find memorable in the whole MI-series. I can´t remember a single other track from a MI game...
  • A theme I really like which is missed here is:
    - Rollercoaster of Death from CMI
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