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monkey island statue isnt purcell? and damaged again!

posted by Kaldire on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users
Got my MI statue yesterday

the front was opened as if the post did it, cant even see what is written on it, its so badly damaged. Symbiote is normally good with such things but I dislike how they have no contact number just an email.

My first question..

didnt purcell have something to do with this statue, and why does it look different than the original models I saw,
'this one says on the side that purcell had no involvement... at all, I only got the statue due to it being sorta worked with him.(sorta like sam n max)

anyway anyone else get their statues? what mode of shipment did you use, how long did it take and was there any damage ?

just curious, as im returning this item (its the second time they sent me a ruined box and statue) assuming its only shipping, they need to think about better packaging.

any advice or quips have at me..
its just soo much to pay for a pre damaged item.
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  • Mine also came damaged, and they are ignoring my attempts to contact them through the form. I paid through Paypal, and just now realized that Paypal provides their contact info:
    Phone: 520-977-0256
    Email: [email][/email]
    I called the number and it went to some dude's cell phone voicemail. Very professional. Once I get my refund, I think I am done with this company.
  • let me ask this wraslor.. did it come UPS?

    im placing a bet that it did!.. and this is why I requested a refund..
    sad thing is .. that guy .. or guys are nice,
    but yes.. not professional at all...
    you got further than me with the email...

    but if many people keep getting damaged stuff.. dont you think as a company you would
    A. check the shipping packaging making sure reguardless of method of shipment that it would be safe
    B. sue the SH@# out of UPS for damaged goods
    C. make sure it doesnt happen over n over..

    since this did happen with sam n max.. they pleased me by sending a 2nd statue.. no questions asked.. even added me in their blog..
    but now, again MI statue.. even though I requested USPS and not UPS, still was sent UPS and damaged. Here we go again. Got an email saying my 2nd one was on the way..

    i didnt want a 2nd one.. I wanted the refund...


    since I dont want to shut down symbiote, and know that this company is new and well, just needs work... im looking to sell the statues for half price IF this cant be resolved via refund.

    works out for any fan who cant afford shipping I think :P
  • @Kaldfire: I would be interested in the statue depending on a few things. Let me kno w.
  • Dossent sound like a good idea to buy the statue :( eanyway it looks awsome (if its not broken)
  • My statue came via USPS priority mail. No problems at all with shipping-- the statue actually had a production flaw wherein Guybrush was halfway decapitated. I finally got an email response saying they would send a replacement if I sent a picture.
  • Kaldire;222752 said:
    No clue about the market?

    degrade? this is a NEW item there not old. You cant just say, ok here is a brand new car for 10,000$ to a person, then buy it and as you get in it, that same guy sells the same car to someone else for 5000$
    blame yourself sure, but is it underhanded and a bit.. shady .. yes. Regardless if its "buisness"

    I would get my money back.. which is what im doing here.
    ive opened a case

    EDIT : statues are ugly? huh? sam n max is awesome
    ??? The Sam and Max statue has been out for quite some time now, and that is the "lower price" you were complaining about, hence his point is entirely valid and your response is nonsensical.

    On the topic of the statue, I still haven't gotten mine. FedEx apparently delivered it to USPS (For god knows what reason) and it says "Allow 1-2 additional days" on the FedEx tracking number now. I've never had something ship so slowly.
  • Pale Man;224286 said:
    FedEx apparently delivered it to USPS (For god knows what reason) and it says "Allow 1-2 additional days" on the FedEx tracking number now. I've never had something ship so slowly.
    Yeah, FedEx and USPS have a collaborative service called SmartPost. Probably means Symbiote saved some money.

    In case anyone's interested in my decapitated Guybrush:
  • i dont agree pale man.. the sam and max statue is still NEW by any standards..

    sorry bub.. mission failure

    even if one thinks it.. and millions dont.. its true.. in this case.. many people here are already complaining about the WG price cuts and the sam n max cuts since the cons vs the site..

    so yea im the ONLY one pale...


    symbiote normally uses UPS.. and not USPS or fed ex..
    UPS = the worst unless you count italy and canada
    so idk
  • ^ shops reduce items all the time, especially when they've had them for a while. Go in any store and you'll find things discounted that someone else paid full price for a week ago. If you don't like it then take your chances next time you want something and wait to see if it gets cheaper - however you may end up missing out completely.
  • I also meant to say... why should an online store be any different to a high street store? It makes sense to reduce older items or provide multibuy discounts.
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