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2 suggestions for the next CSI game

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The gameplay, story, locations, sound, and overall feel of the games is always very impressive... Except for one area, the character models

To be quite honest, most of the models look nothing like the characters/actors they are based on, and are animated like bricks... so if you guys get to do the next CSI vegas game, can you please consider these 2 suggestions?

#1) Quit outsourcing the character models, and stop "rendering freehand"... When the actors come in for their recording sessions, get a live scan of their face and create the character model from that. its expensive, sure... but at least you will get true to life character models and not the "always changing but never looking right models"

#2) Rig the characters with more complex skeletons and use live models performing the scenes for animation reference... The current animation is very blocky and unrealistic, sometimes completely ignoring human physiology (they move with no complexity or "performance" and often act like robots)

The characters in your other titles always shine, but why the lack of love with the CSI gang? You guys really should have better character modeling and animation teams on this... especially after 3 swings at bat.
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  • Not all the actors do their own dialogue in the games so where would they get the skins from?

    The reason they are not so out there (the models in the game), is they are limiting a bit so others with lesser specifications can enjoy it also.

    After all the game was never about how nice things look it was the challenge and the thinking.
  • C'mon DABhand do you seriously think that the models are not that good so that more people can play it ?
    I mean yeah the average CSI fan does not have an extremely good PC,but are they aiming just for the CSI fans ? This could be a very good adventure.The low budget is also shown by the few animations and the use of character models from previous games (You know when I saw the intro of case 5 I was hoping that those CSI: 3DOM characters show would be suspects)

    a)The animation quantity was improved,you don't have the feeling that you are the only one working on the scene but I suggest more.An officer walking around,stoping to talk to Brass for a bit,"Say yes sir" and pass infront of you to check an entrance
    b)Discussions! I loved the idea ! It is really nice how you can talk to Brass about ordinary stuff.I wish that I could do that with Doc Robbins and not have it in such a small quantity
    c)Worthless evidence.Crime Scenes are full of them!Ask Dangerzone if you don't believe me.I loved how in case 1 you could get fingerprints that had no value to the investigation.Too bad you didn't have any on the other cases,seriously you should get the first case for the demo.Not Langston's case,CSI fans don't even like him...
    d)More realistic handling of tools.You know the handling of trace revealing liquids was worse than the previous games,as did the fingerprint brushes and powders\
    e)scenario maker.I know that the current license does not allow that but based on what CBS has done on you and Ubi (including stealing an idea from CSI: DM) you should sue them :p
    f)Player Maker ??? Sure its all of us fantasy to be a CSI but wouldn't it be better if we had our player designed and shown ?
    g)Newbie.Why am I the new guy always ? :( I have played 35 cases and 25 LV ones and I am always the new guy.What if you encouraged people to buy previous games by having people who got previous games be regular guys rather than newbies ?
  • You have to remember CSI fans are a wide audience, there are people out there with machines that aren't spec for games like Dragon Age and the likes. So the engine is not so intense that it requires souped up machines to play it, well at least PS3.0 and above. So lowering that means more of the audience can play it.
  • Yeah but even GTA IV is playable at low-end machines...just select the correct options...
  • GTA IV wasnt that low-end in a sense, it required a Pixel Shader 3.0 card. GF 7900 and ATI x1900 I do believe, and even with them the game ran poor.

    Recommended system was a Triple Core CPU, and a GF 8600 or ATI 3870. Recommended doesnt mean thats the top end the game was designed for.
  • Damn CSI fans over analyzing everything, You guys are missing my point... Complexity is not the issue here, accuracy is!

    I'm merely commenting on the inaccuracy in their 3D models... also the shotty rigging and animation

    They need to take a high res 3D scan of the actors head, then simplify that model to run well on most machines

    For the animation, they need to record stand ins and use live movement for reference in the animations (or even motion capture)

    Neither of these will make the game anymore demanding than their current titles

    As I said, technical complexity is not the issue here... Hell, The characters can be barebone 3D models simple enough to run on even a decade old video card... but yet they would still be able capture the image of the character/actor (not that i'm suggesting that)
  • The inaccuracy is because the models dont have much "joints" to the skeletons, more requires more graphic processing which in turn limits the audience.

    Again as said not all actors are available. So not all faces will be available for facial recognition process's and of course voice acting.

    There is more to Direct3D API programming than you think.
  • rigging has to be manually done with the budget TTG has
    Scanning actors is not possible as they are not available
    Motion Capturing can be done through any computer and I wonder why it hasn't been done yet.You know there were a couple of awkward animations...
    Anyway,what did you do to Lt.Briggs ? She is by far the most realistic char in the game (model,voice and animation)
    I found using previously used location models for locations that have only a piece of evidence smart but I was really confused at the start of case 5.Alright I can understand why you used Maria Kanellis and Dubois or the gun shop clerck,but why use the doc from the previous case ? This could cost a lot in a review
  • Last case has always been known to have previous case characters in them. Wouldnt be CSI without them :P
  • Honestly, I don't care about graphics. I check to see if the game is fun, the models could look spot on to the actors from the show, but if the cases were not fun to solve, I would not play it. Pure and simple.
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