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S&M Ep 1, no voice or effects

posted by SurgeonUFO on - last edited - Viewed by 316 users
Hi there,
The music plays fine, but I don't hear any voice or sound effects :(. It is really detracting from the game -- I thought that there weren't voices in the demo, so bought the full copy and still no voice!

Edit: And yes, they're turned up on the options panel
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  • What are your system specs?
  • I Have the same problem, luckily i dind't bought the full version due, i read your post message. The problem it's the same, the music plays perfectrly but the voice acting an sound efects didn't plays at all. one estrange thing is, the only sound efect that works is the sound that the "big gun" plays when it shoot, thats when you click and shoot.

    This is a serious problem to me, i loved sam an max back then when sam & max hit the road releases, the best adventure game i ever played, and this new series is a farely good recreation of that game. but i cant play it if it doasent work propetly.
    I had no problems with culture shock, but i have no voice an no sound efects in this episode, that's realy annoying. and it becomes to frustrate me.

    Here are my System specs

    Pentium D processor 3.2 GHZ
    Asus P5W DH DELUXE Motherboard
    Video Card MSI Gforce 7900 gt
    Sound driver Realtek HD audio (onboard sound card)
    Audio codec: ALC882
    Audio driver version (the last one)
    Directx version: 9.0c

    I tried many things, for instance downloading the demo again and again, uninstall and reinstall sond drivers (the lastest ones) , uninstall and reinstall GPU drivers, reinstall last version of Directx, but it still doasnt work.

    Please give me an answer to solve this problem.
  • i have the exact same problem!
  • Oh wow, blast from the past. Can you tell me some information about your computer? operating system, sound card, etc?
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