The Walking Dead glitch thread

Post your best glitches here. I don't have any since I bought the game on X-Box 360 and not PC master race.


  • Dat Lee Stare happened to me...

    enter image description here

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    X-Box 360 and not PC master race.

    what does that have to do with anything? if anything the pc version is the one with the least glitches or bugs anyway the only glitch i have seen is crossed eyed kenny and that was only after i changed his model to the one from season 1

  • When the transition between animations isn't that smooth, and Shel (in TWDS2 EP3) glitched across the scene.

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    I have only tales from the borderlands glitches....lel.

  • I have the game on a Nexus tablet. This sometimes happens when Lee and Kenny are on River St. hiding from Molly; Kenny and Lee's bodies start glitching (Lee's head is turning at weird angles), you can hear a repeat of the same sentence when Lee is talking about approaching Molly, then when Kenny hops over the fence he walks through the ground. It's really weird.

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    I made this for telltales feedback to let them now about for this major bug that I got 3 times. there might fixed for there resent games like minecreft.
    there is a glitch in the walking dead season 1, that if you disagree with kenny, not save duck, not feed his family, use cpr on Larry, forced kenny to shot his sen, save ban, even all other horrible stave to him, he wall still come with you on the 5th episode called no time left.

    I even checked in the game files trying to figure out why it does this behaver and I found out that caler and dung are both alive in stove for help even thaw in my play thew it was Dong I was playing but caler never apered in my play thew. so might got confused with my previxse save lasts.
    now let me explain why those is a glersh. by those points in the bottom.

    episode 1, a new day Kenny come with you
    1. sided with Kenny 1/2 point
    2. save Duck 2 points
    3. ???

    Episode 2: Stove for help Kenny come with you
    1. sided with Kenny 1/3 point
    2. kill Larry 2 1/2 points
    3. supportive to Kenny 1/2 point

    episode 3 long rode ahard Kenny come with you
    1. lee shot duck
    2. sided with Kenny 1 point or if you do cpr on larry 1/2 point for not halping Kenny.
    3. 1.3 point for messy for his sen, if Kenny didn't come with kitsha

    Episode 4: around every cornel Kenny come with you
    1. ???
    2. lee shot the kid or help Kenny shot the kid
    3. honest with clementine or crasty trusts lee, and molly. if not Kenny stall comes only for supporting him, but not for his family.

    I myself did not do any of that so I got less tune 1 point, now by the rules of the game data, less tine 4 or 3 Kenny will not come no Mather what, not even nice.
    7 or more: he wall come if you act nice to him
    11 or 12 or 10, hell come no mather what, but cresty might not come if she dissent treat lee.

    that was the game data sues, from the walking dead management. or program that use of 5 diffent ones to make sure this was right. it could be passable that the 2 ??? cound be 5 pounts each but that makes no sense why wall telltale put an outlawry if the highest is 2. in episode 2 is the most factor of kunny's sided with lee.

    at first at the end of episode 4, Kenny dissent come with you, but when I start no time left, Kenny was with the floor with lee at the begging of the episode base on the glitch of dong and caler from above. now what is welder. if you play the walking dead seasion 2 called A House Divided, Kenny will shu lee and I had owe differences,
    that's incorrect because if Kenny appeared with lee in episode 5; he should say what a greet guy he was. not lee and I had owe differences.

    if you thick this is good make a comment thanks from Wright Micah.

    one last thing you always most choose at last choose 2 of the 3 2 points for him to come with you even if you have 10 he will stall not come with you.

  • i saw this glitch once when i played when facial textures were missing on the ps vit version i think lee met arno lol ,and eye glitches were a constant problem

  • Who's Kunny?

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    I made this for telltales feedback to let them now about for this major bug that I got 3 times. there might fixed for there resent

  • I'm sorry I mean Kenny

    I edit this Discussion now

    Who's Kunny?

  • Did they fixed those bugs and glitches on the ps4?

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    to answer your question on mine in yes; this Kenny glitch does not apply in the ps4 or Xbox 1 that my casen presten has, I even played over 100 hours on those platforms in that beg never appeared. I even trend tampering with the files but nine I can find with my glitch.

    however the eye glitches, still remain

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    Did they fixed those bugs and glitches on the ps4?

  • I'm mostly talking about that bug in episode 4 season 1. When the group's in that school and enters the class. After that lee Goes out of the classroom to go find that batterie, random Molly and ben standing right in front of you in the hall. + the status did not show. Just wondering if it's fixed.

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    to answer your question on mine in yes; this Kenny glitch does not apply in the ps4 or Xbox 1 that my casen presten has, I even pl

  • Found one glitch in my last playthrough of Season 1. During Long Road Ahead, if, after meeting Chuck, you reenter the RV instead of talking to Kenny and boarding the train, Kenny warps back inside the train engine, and you have to go back out and unhook the damage cars again. You then have to reenter the box car, and sit through the cutscene where you meet Chuck again, except this time Chuck's got a guitar stuck through his hips.

  • Thanks for bumping the thread mate

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    I made this for telltales feedback to let them now about for this major bug that I got 3 times. there might fixed for there resent

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    Wright Micah^ Rough Draft Build 263 (Added intel GMA 950 scariest glitches) Telltale Community (Windows Server 2014)

    This might brick guidelines 2.3 or 2.4 but it was not might content on doing so. I Am not a telltale stuff, this glitches’ are for Intel graphics and low in amd graphics. For the walking dead season 1 and 2. michonne is not supported for anther 2 years Because of below.
    "you may not modify, publish, transmit, distribute, perform, display, or sell any such proprietary information" & DMCA Notice.

    in steam doing -novsync under Set Launch Options... will turn off sync (Z)
    (Z) forcing the steam to sync off under launch settings will not work on intel 4 series graphics; The card will bypass the steam request. And go to driver settings. Because they is no application support. like they first made in intel 1000 series.

    Intel 4 series glitches: Episode 1

    1. There is in glitch in the game that lee event, face will turn green, why no ideo. However the game is stell playable.
    2. When you try to give a snack to Glenn; he accept it. Odd of what I gathered from the game deta is that the the intel 4 series currpted the save files from loading per chapter. That the game thacks it is someone us like Kenny or lilly. This is a problem That the graphics card forces the game to sync in driver mode. not passable to disable, (Z)
    3. If you try to save clementine from the game. The screen pops up. That clementine will remember you have not saved her. Even thew you did. This is a problem with that same sync glitch form above. (Z)

    Intel graphics 3000: Episode 1

    1. Intel hd 3000 glitches: sometimes when you go in to the drug store, you will be hearing 7 gun shots instead of 3 leading to a gameover. This error is unknown; Of nortest when you turn off anti, alching in the game menu it would solve that problem.
    2. this bug is extremely rare when playing the episode 1 in game, caler and lilly medals swash for the rest of episode 1. Of what I gathered is that when you play over 150 hours and keep deleting the save files multiply times. That the game makes 2 save files, and sometimes It was use both in the same time that causes this issue.
    3. when you have the glitch from above, and after you live with clementine to fix her finger. The screen will pop up. Saying check with dong. If you talk to him he'll tell you ready to go outside. However if you check yes the game will crash with no error massage.
    4. It does this because telltale back in the day. Let the player choose which person to come with lee event. That got cut to just coler. Now I’m not really sure why if you have the glitch 2. It may cause this, mable someone in the telltale community, needs to find out why.

    when you give clementine the food, later shell tell you maybe she was a litter hungry. Will why is that a glitch? That’s because she is supposed to say I’m still hungry even with the candy bar you given me. Tune lee event will say maybe. Ill find something us for you. It does this sync glitch again. However you can force it off thaw steam (Z).

    episode 2: intel graphics 3000

    1. sometimes when you start episode 2 in this graphics card, your choices might not be handled correctly at all (the same time it is). that lee talks to Kenny. who says that lee put deck in danger twice but you didn't. Later he will say that you always had his back. hmm what??
      furthermore Kenny does not comment when you never give his family a chance in episode 3. whit what hmm???? if you do get this glitch. if you choose to help Kenny. Kenny will push you and shy your useless lee. that the game data will go to a block screen and clementine will repeat over and over again. (please don't lite Kenny kill me). you can only solve this problem when you turn off steam cloud.
    2. what is odd about this glitch from above with clementine; is that I can't find it at the game data somebody needs to figure out what is the deal here. not even with this tool
    3. when you kill Danny. Lilly will be angry and called you an asshole for killing her father. hmm what happen to glitch 1 of the choice that Lilly remembered, you had not killed Larry. second that only applies when you did not kill Danny.

    answer, I thank the issue is that intel graphics 3000 makes 3 prefs.prop, in the hard drive. what is odd I can't find the 3rd one. so even if you turn off steam cloud. you might have a problem that episode 2 goes to a black screen and show a hummer in unused item in episode 2. because it stall makes 2 press.prop. the only way to fix that is here

    episode 2: intel graphics 4000

    1. this bug is extremely rare in telltale games. When you are coming down to get clementine for stopping her eating mark. the screen way show a bench of red lights all over the screen making it blrry. here's in ensample on YouTube if you do get this beg. it does this because open GL 4 is corrupted. they are 2 ways to solve this problem. Windows 7 and vista users you can downgrade to (or force your current graphics card to performance) but high quality. only works on intel driver

    intel haswell and above with,
    sometimes it Shows a block screen even in windowed mode. but I don't knew why.

    The walking dead season 2 intel issue (might apply to other graphics cards)

    intel hd graphics 4000 and above
    there is an issue that the game will turned to white screen or won't launch. intel with hd graphics 3000 or below. has Video memory depanding on your RAM. for instance 8 ram= 512 video (more or less depending on OEM factor or intel Video BIOS). starting with intel 4000 interferences Shared memory when the game is played. in a recent intel driver 36x. Video dedicated returned in 4th gan or bitter including shared memory stall intact. 32 memory is too small that games can't load basic graphics. for this facter it can't take use of the shared memory. This model has flaws (only in intel 4000 at this time)
    Shared memory=taking out temporary RAM for gaming experience or at game. game closes all RAM returns.
    Video dedicated= taking ram at boot up for Video memory that will be permeant press unless RAM upgrade.

    intel 4 series and 1000 series glitches
    season 2 all episodes; who hat will be missing in her head. It can stall be seen in the title screen, including next time of the walking dead and previously of the walking dead. however somebody named Glen Wendell Aida in change of intellimodder32. did fix this problem on both of those graphics. but those graphics cards are not invited by intel.

    Episode 2 season 5 Intel 4 series graphics only, there is an issue if clementine stays to long to shoot the zombie. It will growl until the end of the credits instead of ending in the next chapter like in other graphics cards. Starting in walking dead season 2 they sync on every end of the chapter. Not the middle like the walking dead season 1 or below. When it syncs at the end, is supposed to reset but it doesn't. The intel 4 series is telling the game not to reset. Why? I don’t knew. The only solution to this problem is to quit the game. And load to that chapter.

    season 2: Intel graphics 4000 with forcing application setting (might apply to 4th gan Intel and above)
    extremely rare glitch, that when you press threatened him or give gun, it will stall play as follows however Bonne will freak out and give mike CPR the thing is mike is not thew and too mike was looking back. When Arvo shoot clementine. tune mike Tales Bonne we need to live her behind. Bonne sues nothing, she runs right thew mike. seeing I'm Sorry clementine I did not mean this to happen?
    Answer: you see killing mike was removed form the game. and if you find files called
    env_stashHouseExteriorNight_amb_mikeApproaches_1.chore and .dlog including env_roadTruckSnowstorm.dlog.
    * That you can recover the whole scene on any platform even your iOS and android devices,
    it uses the same save files on all platforms, you see the 3 files is surpassed to put under the pack folder of the walking dead season 2. If you put it under saves, (steam only)

    1. that data will be sant to steam save cloud. waited will it only sync at the end like you said. will yes starting with a recent intel graphics card. you can force application mode to sync in the middle. so it syncs those 3 files. the only thing you can do. is make a new save file and unblock option forced app mode. that will solved the corrupt saves.

    walking dead season 1 debug mode episode 2 only

    I find out how to access debug mode last mouth in walking dead season 1 episode 2, the debug mode dos not access in episode 1 or 3-5. that I can find? don't ask me about. how to access it ill tell when it hits logical page like Sam & max is on knew.

    removed character:of nortest looking at the deburg mode, that they was another character that was supposed to appear in episode 2
    but has no name. something about Lilly history's. that to me is confusing how are they 2 lily's in the game.
    there is a total of 7 unused rooms but only 2 shames to work

    1. unused room; this room is stall playable, if you forced debug room. this room is all block. with a white shadow figure. lee event walk as usually but the dialog won't show. I can tell lee event is scared. I'm still trying to figure it out what is that chapter supposed to be.
    2. there was a unused room that lee event can walk back downstairs. when he is supposed to help mark. and there is some sort of dinner sequence with salt and pepper. what is odd is that I can't find any place in the game. to give the salt and pepper. to who or from. so it appears to be some sort of unused chapter, however even stranger. This chapter is not before or after lee discovered mark upstairs.

    Intel GMA 950: evil glitch

    when you first start the episode that it shows the hummer at the screen with blackness. however it is a known beg by telltale. Turning off enable steam cloud synchronization for the walking dead. will not work. It will with all others cards after Fourth generation intel GMA 4 series cards.
    for this of what you need to do is to remove the other game data that is not removed from the final product

    1. you can use TTARCH files extractor/rebuilder(ttarchext) to remove all the data of the walking dead ep2.old and keep new. that I hardly strongly advised for all intel graphics from now on because of scary glitches.
    2. you need to corrupt the save data (no longer advised unless you knew programming)

    if you did get past the black screen issue, at the start of the episode

    1. lee Everett, walking with his friend mark like any other play through. though mark has an old fashion gray shirt. not the new black shirt from the reboot. so it has the same dialog. like any other graphics cards. except that you will get additional dialog. If tear you press something it will crash the game the only way to pass it is say northing until lee puts the Ax into the Zombie.
    2. when you walk at the fence's farm to help out the brothers. known as checking the permitter with St john darer. Mark will have has block cort back. that he will say that, clementine was lucky that you had find her??? , that anything you press on the keyboard shows black thame like from the beginning of the episode. the weird part is that every dialog you choose will not work. so changes to silent mode.,

    when you arrive at the fences like any other graphics card. until lee & mark crossover the fence that mark will get gunshot. from they will froze your entire computer. You can only force restart the computer. if it does not do that it wall. corrupt your saves is that will lead to game-over sequence. tune the whole seen repeats again. except mark has this same gray shirt on. so mark will still get shot by an arrow instead of a gun shoot. but if will play as normal until the next loading scain.

    1. when above happens that lee will claim mark is died even thew he had 1 arrow on his shoulder & following lee at the previous chapter. what the hick is this???. and Brande still comes out and saying all no sweetheart lite old branda tick care of you. and mark magically comes with the black shirt??????. so nobody comments that mark is died (strange telltale)
    2. it plays as normal until at the end of the episode when lee is walking out of the sant john's dery for the last time. lee event will shy that mark's alive just glad it wasn't worse. that makes absolutely no sense, earlier in the chapter. when lee was upstairs seeing marks legs chirped off including a worker when lee confronted branda st John.??????????.

    those is a Bugged with jolene. that she will mention Danielle from here

    ^ I am Dyslexic and spilling is really hard for me thank you from Wright Micah

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    Now THIS is a necrobump!

    Christa in T-pose during the doctor's office search in Ep 4.
    Taavia parkouring on the roof like Xaldin.
    EDIT: I meant to say Xigbar. :blush:

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