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Guybrush Threefoot

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I know most of you won't care, but I thought this was kind of funny and wanted to share....

With all the Monkey Island going around our house lately, our 5 year old daughter has been humming the song, which I think is kind of cute. But what's funny is every now and then she'll mention the game or ask a question about it but when she does, she calls him "Guybrush Threefoot", despite us constantly trying to correct her. I just find it funny because the series has always had the running joke of other characters mispronouncing his name. :)

Any of you others with small children experience a similar thing?
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  • 1/121 of Dave Grossman's posts in this forum have been dedicated to educating me personally. :eek:

    I can die happy. :cool:

    Oh, and you can consider Wikipedia officially correctified! ^_^
  • Maxilyah;224253 said:
    A lot of my friends call him Gaybrush on purpose. >.<</div>
    Sounds like you are going to need new friends :p
  • It's understandable... even Guybrush gets his own name wrong in chapter 4 :D

    awesome scene
  • one of the best scenes in history, is that, and its surrounding events lol
  • Somebody doesn't know their Monkey Trivia™.
    He didn't say where the name came from, but where he thinks the joke came from.
  • My dad introduced me to the series when I was four years old and I used to call Guybrush "Monkey", 'cause I'm Italian and was at the time too young to understand English =)
  • Dave Grossman;224468 said:
    Mostly true, but Wikipedia actually gets the details slightly wrong. For the obsessively detail-oriented among you: The DPaint extension for brush files was .bbm (remember that file extensions could only be three letters in those days). The file was named guybrush.bbm, but the "brush" was included by Steve Purcell, who did the drawing, rather than by DPaint itself.
    Well, if you don't use the amiga, you'll get that problem with file names.. ;)
  • Visstix;224711 said:
    He didn't say where the name came from, but where he thinks the joke came from.
    The point is that "the team" was in on it from the beginning. "They" never "told the team who the main char is" as it were. The surname "Threepwood" was derived from the company contest...and/or Dave's RPG character. :cool:

    It is possible that after the votes were tallied that people were still mispronouncing and/or forgetting the name of Threepwood, but it didn't come as some huge surprise to everyone.

    The only reason I included the bit about his first name was because it was related to the discussion of where his name came from (which I was discussing in relation to the surname). And clearly that has been clarified/rectified by Dave.
  • Visstix;224711 said:
    He didn't say where the name came from, but where he thinks the joke came from.
    thanks :D yeah i knew the whole guy.brush story. yeah just the joke. imagne seeing the name 'guybrush threepwood' on paper for the first time. im sure when some ppl read it out loud they had a little problem with the whole name so they just over did ppl getting his name wrong. always makes me laugh when i tell ppl who dont know about the game what his name is. they always come out with somthing like ' ginebrush threewoop'
  • That's cool. Didn't mean to sound offensive or anything, so sorry if I did. ;) Like I said, I'm sure a lot of people might've mispronounced/forgotten the name at first. :D
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