Grim Fandango is today's wikipedia featured article.

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What could this mean? Do they know something we don't?

Or is it entirely random?



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    Probably just Wikipedia casting it's vote in the poll...
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    It was entirely random. Usually, articles that end up on the main page go through a process of being vetted by senior staff and other editors; however, occasionally, the admin in charge of the main page will just select one himself and throw it up to make up the short fall. This was the latter, which is usually the only way video game articles turn up on the main page (they tend to run into opposition from those who prefer more conventional encyclopedia topics).

    It was supposed to go up yesterday, though it was changed at the last moment for a featured article more appropriate to Remembrance Day.

    Its not the first appearance for one of these games on the main page; we got Tales of Monkey Island into the "Did You Know?" section just below the "Today's Featured Article" bit back when that was announced, though obviously this is far more significant.

    Grim Fandango's one of two LucasArts adventures and related at featured status; the other being Sam & Max: Freelance Police. Sam & Max Hit the Road and Season One are at the level below it, referred to as "good articles" (meaning checked over and reviewed, but not yet of quality to be considered for featured), but the rest unfortunately aren't in great shape, so we're unlikely to see another one of these on the main page for a long time, though Freelance Police still has a chance of being randomly selected. Though Brutal Legend's article picking up form very well.
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    If i was developping a sequel to grim fandango and wished to inform anyone about it, somehow i doubt i'll do that through wikipedia...
    Then again i have no idea how those "feature articles" are chosen. Maybe the poll on the front page just started some buzz.
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    I saw that In IT and I was like WOW!
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    I missed it! Oh well, it's not the end of the world. I'll just have to wait until next time (gosh, when could that be?)...
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