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"Muzzled" getting terrible reviews in Amazon

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A bunch of noobs with (probably) utterly shitty computers are giving the free "Muzzled" episode terrible 1 star reviews either because the game either doesn't work for them, runs very slow, or even can't figure out how to play...

Whatever their reason, those reviews are not giving the game very good publicity.
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  • StLouisRibs;225654 said:
    I am afraid you are trying to steal my eDentity
    Whoa, I thought you were the same person before you pointed that out! :eek:
  • St. Louis;225637 said:
    Now you say it yourself. THE GAME has an incompatibility with my pc.
    I don't have Wallace and Gromit installed, so I can't check it out (because I have a brand new PC with Windows 7 now), but before on my old PC Wallace and Gromit was the only game I have from Telltale that frequently crashed.

    I assumed that it must be the fancy realistic clay graphics effects that caused it, because reducing the graphics settings to 3 or below and lowering the screen resolution allowed me to play the game to completion without any further crashing.

    So I assume the higher graphics levels were not compatible with my old GeForce 7 graphics card. I should probably test out W&G on my new PC to see if it runs on my new configuration flawlessly.

    But you know... for people who rated it 1 star, I still rate it 5 stars because just changing the game settings allowed me to play and it was an amazing game, even on level 3 graphics!
  • I am afraid you are trying to steal my eDentity
    for me, it was not about the ribs but 'bout the blues... the St. Louis Blues
  • My little review is finally online. More people here should write 5 star reviews to balance out those horrible 1 star reviews it has.

    I see some people have done so already but it still has a highly mediocre rating.
  • Maybe I'll write a review for it one of these days as well, but I think (hope) most people can 'read between the lines' when looking at 1 star reviews for a game not working. That's not to imply anything negative towards those reviewers.... I know what it's like to be frustrated with PC games when they don't work, but I agree that giving a 1 star review for that reason is a bit wrong. When Call of Duty 5 came out, I had some problems with that crashing randomly, but still gave it a 3 star rating because I thought it was a good game (when it worked). They've since gotten it more stable with patches, but my point is, I didn't give it a 1. On the other hand, if it had refused to run at all..... who knows, maybe I would have given it a 1.

    I do think that these games (Telltale) can be pretty demanding on their highest settings. The EXEs themselves are pretty large, and I have seen them taking hundreds of MB of RAM while running. Does anyone know if there is a CFG file or settings in the registry that can be changed to set everything to its lowest before running the game? That may help a person get it going at least. I have one PC running Vista, but have had mixed luck with games on that. When I built my gaming rig/main computer last year, I went with XP for that reason..... better compatibilty. I can play just about any game at full settings with no problems.
  • St. Louis;225642 said:
    This is what Telltale games suggest: The following games work on Win7. Others currently require compatibility modes and/or admin privileges to run.
    Guess what: I allready did this without reading this page.

    btw: someboday said Ihave an attitude. I kindly ask you to read my first comment. I don't think I show an attitude there. I just said that I'm running win7 and that it doesn't work for me.
    And for my comment, people start to ridicule me in their answers. Suggesting I'm stupid and so. Who has an attitude problem. Instead of helping, they start laughing right away.
  • I'm so glad I bought a new computer and got broadband this year - because my laptop would crash blue screens multiple times under the likes of Sam and Max Season 2!...Anyway great episode, Telltale.

    Like someone said in one of the positive Amazon reviews (probably a reviewer from the site) it really felt like one of the shorts (not A Matter of Loaf and Death, which I never really liked personally). I commend Telltale for this accomplishment, if sidelining it for TOMI on its release.
  • @St. Louis -> I read your first post in this thread and I feel you have an actitude. But the guys on this thread doesn't have a better actitude either, so, I guess is a draw.

    The only thing I can tell is just send an email with your problem and all your specs to (or post it in the support forums) and they probably will find the trouble (It's not necessary you have an "ancient" graphic card: There's some new ones who also has troubles with those games). If you actually brought the game and doesn't run at the end of everything, they are nice enough (far I read it) to return your money.

    My experience with the Telltale's Support is wonderful, so, they will help you to run the game. Of course, if you want.
  • @ ginnyN: thank you for your nice comment and sorry if I gave the wrong impression with my first comment.
  • @St Louis: What's your computer's graphics card?
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