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CSI is believe it or not a sophisticated franchise

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I am not only talking about the TV series and the spin-offs but also the video games.
I wondered if everything they use in the videogames is forensically supported.Truth is that some techniques like bulle\tweezer collecting and laser were questionable already but I wanted to see if there was any research.For that reason I used "Forensics for Dummies" written from D. P. Lyle MD as a guide.Now all I had to do is pick a couple of games to test.The 369 Interactive and the Legacy ones were in 2D,so to make things for me easier I chose to test the Telltale games, CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder and Hard Evidence.

So I started with some 3 DoM.The whole process was pretty fun,trying to do things in the correct order to make it look procedure-like and checking things you couldn't really click like points of entry or blood spatter.

I got a very good example,the "crime" scene in "Daddy's girl"

There are 2 major pools which contain around 2,5 ls of blood as far as I believe.Sara says that one could be the murderer'S.That is not possible.For blood to pool an alive person must be sitting there for some hour.Plus,the drag marks did not look like a body was dragged.They should not have been so narrow.It looks like that the plastic bag had no or a small item inside.Like clothes for example for the crime scene stagers to change to,so they used the bad like a..."weapon" of chance.Also the 2 blood spatters that you see on the wall...they look very fake.Imagine where the vic should be standing for them to be created.Only the lower one would be explained if the vic was down with her head up but we see that the tiny blood pool is completely undisturbed.Now that I think of it,all blood pools are undisturbed.So,we could predict the end of the case from the very first seconds or minutes of the case


Good job Telltale Games :cool::cool::cool:
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