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Where is it TellTale? C'mon's Friday the 13th already. :D
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  • doodo!;225748 said:
    I'm hoping for some sort of hell where guybrush has to make up for his sins and we'll see old characters reappear that he's wronged, killed like the guy he throws off the cliff in CMI...that was wicked sick, just plain out bad...
    Guybrush survived it several times, and that guy looked like he would bounce much better then thin Guybrush, so he shouldn't have a problem with it.
  • I bet it will come out on either the 27th or 30th November.. right when I go overseas without a computer for two weeks.... :(
  • I'm hoping for an early-mid december date. I won't have my laptop until the (my 3 week old one is being sent back due to not working right, but my new one will take 3 weeks to deliver)

    Also, they will then have more time to make sure the game is perfect.
  • I'm so happy I always manage to vote as the majority in these polls. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • That's the feeling of social acceptance.

    I'm always surprised there are people who think TTG will miss their deadline.
  • I don't think they'll break the month rule. so November 30.
  • I'm guessing Nov 30th. And I just realised thats my birthday... That would be an awesome Birthday Present!!
  • Congratulations to all, you have made it halfway through the Chapter 5 waiting period!
  • Thiftweed Fancy Pants;226046 said:
    That's the feeling of social acceptance.
    Haha, no it isn't.

    Would a person striving after social acceptance write a sentence like that? Definetly not. He would never admit feeling good about answering the same as others.

    I'd rather think it's a subtle way of telling others of how superior I am, since I actually thought "the majority of people in here would probably reason that since TTG abandoned the release on tuesdays and just bluntly shipped just before deadline, it'll be the same this time"- sooo, I'm gonna vote the same and feel happy if I hit it.

    The common denominator for us internet hotshots; an ego like a big open wound. Even now I acknowledge my post just reeks of "oh, look at me how smart am I?", but that's ok. I get sick of myself from time to time too.
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