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DeSinge - anyone else not care?

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Minor Spoilers...
From the very first episode - I didn't care about DeSinge.
Monkey Island has always been great about taking characters who are small - who are merely there to entertain, or to even change the direction of the plot - and make you care about them or enjoy them. DeSinge - I didn't like him, and even though he did change the direction of the plot (sending Morgan after Guybrush, causing Guybrush to lose a hand, having Morgan bring him back to Flotsam, taking focus off of the real villain, the final confrontation...) I didn't care about him, and I feel like he is one of the most forgettable characters in MI history. I guess what I am saying is that this is the first MI character that I've encountered who, even though might be important to the plot, I didn't care about. I'm not going to say he is the most unlikable character in the whole series, but he ranks up there.

I understand his role, I get why he is there - I just didn't care about him at all. Every time he was referenced I thought - oh geeze, guess they've got to bring him up again. Didn't like him, didn't care about him - which stinks, because I feel like I care about most MI characters - even the little ones. (I always wished Capt. Smirk would have come back up - MI2 or MI3 or something).

Another point - I feel like this is the first Monkey Island game with really really forgettable characters. anyone else feel that way? All the other games seemed to have great supporting players (even EMI) but this one...most of them are just forgettable. thoughts?
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  • i didnt like him that much either, kinda irritating. Just like hugh bliss from sam and max, that guy makes me wanna eat my own face off, he's that annoying.
  • Hmm... well DeSinge isn't one of my favourite characters at the moment, however I did like him more towards the end of chapter 4, funnily enough. Didn't care for him so much in the first chapter, but I wouldn't call him "forgettable" personally either. I don't think he's as awesome and interesting as he was intended to be (or at least as I'd expected), but he's okay and pretty entertaining at times.

    TMI does introduce some great new characters though. I think the main reason why some of them may be forgettable is because quite a few of them seem to be very similar to each other in personality, and often appearance too. Not as much variety in character design perhaps. But characters such as Morgan, Winslow and the Pyrite Parrot have been great additions to the cast and I will certainly not be forgetting them anytime soon. ^^
  • Background: Other than Tales, I've only played through all of Secret and most of LeChuck's Revenge.

    Although there are certainly a few 'throwaway' characters in Tales, I'd say the majority are as memorable as characters in the older games. It's really a matter of taste, I think. Characters that I think are forgettable may hold a special place in someone else's heart.

    Not counting returning characters from previous games, my personal favorites so far (in order of appearance) have been Crimpdigit, Trenchfoot, Bugeye, and WP Grindstump.

    If I had to pick out characters I cared the least about, I'd have to say Hemlock McGee, McGillicutty, and Tetra. Even these characters that I find less memorable gave good performances. Apparently they can't have been too forgettable or I wouldn't have remembered them at all.
  • He annoyed me... but he was supposed to be annoying. He is one of those characters.
  • I didn't like him myself either. While he was meant to be annoying I didn't like his character at all.
  • I liked him (and watch out: he might still be back in chapter 5!!).

    When he first appeared, opening the door to let Guybrush in I thought "Who's this?? He does not fit in the MI world at all." but I got used to him, found he had a great voice actor, too, and truly enjoyed him for being so different from the rest of the crew.
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