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Sam and Max: Culture Shock - Minor bug

posted by Badwolf on - last edited - Viewed by 851 users
If this has been mentioned before, sorry, but when you're in Brady Culture's home whilst Max is tied up in the corner, when you try spray painting him, his arms appear outside the ropes and he changes to his standing position whilst he speaks.

I know it's nothing too big, but I just wanted to point it out so hopefully it can be sorted in newer versions or through patches.
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    I happened to be going through this forum the other day to make a list of reported bugs, because one of the developers is working on updates today, and this was one I put on the list for him.

    Thanks for checking!
  • Actually this happens when a lot of things in the inventory is used on Max. It's like he reverts to his non-tied-up pose for his line, and then back to being tied up.
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