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lol 0%

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I'm sure you guys have seen the Telltale poll?

0% for bone...

Something tells me episode 3 won't be coming.

And I thought you guys were diehard fans...
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  • I...I voted for it :(

    But to be fair, the Telltale that did the first two Bone games is quite different from the Telltale that is giving us Monkey Island now. They've really upped their game with, so no matter how much some of us may be willing to give a limb (maybe a limb) for a third Bone game, it's hard to honestly say they're better than S&M or W&G.

    ...I'd rather see more Bone than Strongbad though.
  • It's got 2% now.

    I'd also rather not see any more strongbad.
  • I didn't knew about the poll until i saw this thread.

    Anyway i think it doesn't need a poll to get the information that Sam&Max is the cash cow coming after Monkey Island. Somehow it feels a little bit unfair as Bone was the first serie and with two episodes only. If it would be done now, i'm sure more people would also join the boat.

    Although i like Sam&Max, i gave Bone my vote, just to support the little fellow.
  • Bone is definitely one of my favourite series, but Sam & Max is the top so I voted for that. I also agree with taumel, since it only had two episodes and was never completed, and was also one of Telltale's first games, many people haven't experienced them. I'd love to see what Telltale could do with the franchise now that they've advanced so far in their games.
  • I thnk that if Bone was a complete series, more people would play it. I would for one, but the problem is that Telltale has improved drastically over the years, so people would buy ep1 and 2, then give up before the awesomeness of 3.
  • Still, Bone 2 is one of the best games TTG did so far and on top comes with a working and pleasing steering mechanism.

    Hmm, some of the best in my opinion so far are Bone2, Chariots of the Dogs, The Last Resort and 8Bit is enough and of course The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood. *uhm, at least i hope so* :O)
  • Fury;207070 said:
    It's got 2% now.

    I'd also rather not see any more strongbad.

    NO! NO! YOU JUST CAN'T HANDLE HIS STYLE! Stop trying to handle his style! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

    That was ma impression of a die hard homestarrunner fan. But seriously, Strong Bad rocks and I would love to see SBCG4AP season 2. :)
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