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When playing an episode for the first time

posted by Kraken on - last edited - Viewed by 542 users
Could there be an option to adjust your resolution BEFORE the introduction (or option to skip it)? I find it slightly annoying that you are forced to watch the introduction in a low resolution (a bit like seeing a movie's first 5 minutes in youtube quality and rest in DVD quality).

Ideally you could adjust settings at the launcher, but if that is not possible, ESC-key either skipping the intro or lowering the settings bar would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Even worse, the default resolution forces the screen to the left, on my system, thus cutting off half the picture and leaving a big black bar on the right side.

    There should've been a parent program, with an episode launcher and an options menu and other extras.
  • Kraken wrote: »
    ....(or option to skip it)

    You can always leftclick :)
    But what do I know, maybe it's not working the first time around...
  • I have not noticed any way to skip the intro first time around when it launches the game directly.
  • Could just mute it, avert your eyes, then adjust the settings and restart the game.
  • I did that, but I would appreciate if they had time for this minor adjustment.

    Perhaps some unnamed TellTale Employee will read this, spit his/her coffee out and go "Hey that is a great idea", lets do it!" ...Or just seek out who made the awful coffee.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    The way the opening works, functionally, isn't going to change for Sam & Max Season One, but we'll look at it for later games.

    The decision to order things the way we do was made as an artistic/creative decision (mainly hearkening back to old adventure games which immediately brought you into the opening cutscene the moment you loaded them), but that decision was also made back before we started supporting multiple resolutions! So... you win some you lose some. I think it rules that the game goes straight into the opening without you having to fuss first, but for those who *like* to fuss first, it's maybe not optimal.
  • Why not make a separate exe that just alters the configuration, lots of games seem to have them now.
  • Thanks, let us hope there isn't too long wait between Season 1 and Season 2!
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Quuux wrote: »
    Why not make a separate exe that just alters the configuration, lots of games seem to have them now.

    One sec I'm going to make a separate exe...

    Okay done!

    I think it's some of my finest work! Granted, it's just calculator.exe renamed to "Sam & Max Configurator.exe," but it does have lots of confusing buttons, as I set it to "scientific" mode.
  • Jake, ur evil. In a good way of course =p
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