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Situation Comedy is almost unplayable due to jerky graphics

posted by oddbasket on - last edited - Viewed by 4.3K users
I need help. I downloaded SC through the link received by email. The graphics are extremely jerky and stutters like 5 frames per second. The scripted animations plays fine at full framerate though. but actual gameplay drops to stutters.

My system is a HT P4 3ghz, GF7800GS 256mb, Audigy2, 1gb ram. Tried lowest possible settings and its still the same. Culture shock plays just fine though.

Also, I would like to see support for 1280x1024 resolution. My LCD soesn't scale anything other than the resolutions it supports (setting to scale by adapter doesn't help) so a custom 1280x960 just adds graphical garbage at the bottom and it really ruins gameplay.

But my above problem is of upmost importance, pointless to have the correct resolution when I can't even play the game properly, eh? Would appreciate any remedies, thanks.
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  • For the record, Comodo was apparantly the main source of trouble for me too. Killing the Comodo process pretty much eliminated all the lag I've been experiencing.

    EDIT: Hm, misread the thread title a bit. Actually, for me killing Comodo solves the lag in episode 3, which I had at first attributed to memory leak. I don't recall ep2 lagging on me all that much, but maybe that's because I used McAfee rather than Comodo back then..
  • The best workaround for the firewall thing is not to use software firewalls, i use now only a HW Firewall. (yeah in the past i used SW too, but now i am a bit more clever *g*)

    Just to mention(for further reference), Peoples with Dual/MultiCore CPUs should always check if the CPU Affinity causes problems for every Game.(especially with AMDs). (Sound stuttering,Animation Stuttering or playing to fast ect.)
  • Damn, cant get through the car chase part of ep 3... too slow, I tried to turn off virtually everything on the pc : antivirus, firewall, msn, skype... no such luck, it's just way too slow...
  • The stuttering in episode 4 this time includes scripted animations as well. In particular when Sam speaks, the rest of the cast speak at full framerate. Guess the issue is there.
  • I didn't notice much lag like I did in ep 3, but ep 4 still gradually ate up RAM like no tomorrow. The only time the game typically stuttered for me was just before the cut scenes.

    Athlon XP 2700+, 1 GB RAM, FX5700 Ultra 128 MB, running game at 1024x768
  • Can we get an ETA on the patch for Episode 3?

    Been waiting some time so I can play it lag free.
  • Finlay decided to bear with the horrid lag and play through Episode 3. It was certainly frustrating to say the least. I'd like to play through it again as I didn't really enjoy it that much due to the frustration of the lag. At least Episode 4 doesn't seem to have the same problems.

    Still rather disappointed with the length and stability of Episode 3.
  • Anyway to get an in game console or something so I can disable maxes idle walking or something? I'd like to play through 1-4 again over spring break, but 3 is just so unenjoyable for me with the "max walks you lag" bug.

    I looked around. I'd kill for a dirty work around.
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