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The Silver Lining thread

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Nobody else has posted this, so...

It looks like The Silver Lining (formerly known as King's Quest IX: Every Cloak Has a Silver Lining) will finally be released in Summer 2009. That is, if Vivindi Games (now merged with Activision) doesn't sit on its royal ass during the approval process. Unfortunately, only the first two chapters of The Silver Lining will be released. The remaining chapters (3-9) will most likely never see the light of day. According to the team, it would take 10 or more years to complete them without proper funding, which even if they had, would put their fan license in jeopardy.

It would be interesting to see if they ultimately decide to release the remaining chapters one at a time over the next few years. I hear that episodic gaming is doing fairly well...

Now, I just wish that would receive permission from Vivindi Games to be completed.
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  • KQ9 was supposed to be a 3-chapter series released over time. But it looks like they're only releasing the first chapter now. "KQ9" (or The Silver Lining, as it has been renamed for legal reasons) has been in development for years. Gone through a couple project leaders (I met the original, nice guy....he's now a a writer for Adventure Gamer. I think he's even been around here once or twice). From what I hear from some former members, though, I'm not too impressed with what they're doing with the story. Their intent is to make the story grittier and darker and "more mature" than the original King's Quest games which were fairly light-hearted and didn't take themselves too seriously. Their reasoning is that because old KQ gamers have "grown up" the games need to "grow up" with them. I heard some plot elements that may or may not be still involved (though I think they are) and I was appalled at what they intended to do.

    Some may like it, some may love it, but I'm sure most classic KQ fans will hate it. The original project leader said the game in its current state is nothing now like what he intended years back when he started it.

    But everyone has an opinion, maybe this is just mine and will continue to be just mine. Incidentally, Cesar Bitter here at TellTale Games is (was?) the current project leader for TSL.
  • *Sighs*

    Kings Quest I Remake, Kings Quest II Remake, Kings Quest III Remake.

    This fan game is actually supposed to be the ninth in the series - so IX, not XI as the thread title suggests. It is, however, coming out in three parts, so I suppose that could explain some confusion. Check the games FAQ.
  • So it's out already? I've been waiting for like 7 years now.... The demo was disappointing, hope the full game would be better.

    Anyone ever play or can comprehend this language? ^ Monkey Island fan game above
  • I wish I knew German.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    I wish a cool German-speaker would subtitle it.
  • Gah! Beaten to it. But yeah, that's German.

    Hey, I'm bored ATM. Let's see what I can come up with.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    ^ Darth Marsden is a potentially awesome wish-granting genie.
  • Woo! Granting our wishes, we should give give him a prize.
  • I got about four minutes through the first video before giving up due to boredom. Here's what I got so far:

    Outside LeChuck's fortress
    Somewhere deep in the Caribbean...
    ...hidden behind an eternal storm...
    ...lies the fortress of the Zombie-Pirate LeChuck...
    ...ruled by an iron fist.

    Inside LeChuck's throne room
    LeChuck: LARGO!
    LeChuck: LAAARGO!
    LeChuck: Where is that useless waste of space?

    Voodoo Priest: I don't know!

    LeChuck: Really?


    LeChuck: What's on Earth!
    LeChuck: By the beard of Klabautermanns! (I couldn't translate that word, so I guess it's a name)
    LeChuck: Who could that possibly be?
    LeChuck: Voodoo Priest!
    LeChuck: Go and find out who dares disturb my peace and quiet!

    Voodoo Priest: No!

    LeChuck: What?

    Voodoo Priest: No!
    Voodoo Priest: Lunchbreak!

    LeChuck: Grr!
    LeChuck: You can't get the help these days.

    Outside LeChuck's throne room
    LeChuck: Oh no!
    LeChuck: Not this guy again!

    Starts conversing with Stan

    LeChuck: So...

    Stan: Ah, the great Captain LeChuck in person!
    Stan: Just the man I was expecting.
    Stan: Now Captain LeChuck, I need you to be completely honest...
    Stan: What do you think of your deluxe version of...
    Stan: Stan's Used Fortresses for Super-Villains?
    Stan: Don't say anything.
    Stan: This is my best idea yet.
    Stan: Don't be shy. Come talk with good old Stan.

    LeChuck:Who are you?!?

    Stan: Do you not remember?
    Stan: I am Stan.
    Stan: I sold you this beautifully designed, elegant, luxurious and impregnable fortress.
    Stan: Well, that was before your, uh... untimely demise.
    Stan: I hope your sudden death has not affected your opinion on this gem!

    LeChuck: What do you want?

    Stan: Well Captain, far be it from me to disturb your eternal rest, but...
    Stan: ...I need to remind you about the outstanding payments on this stylish property.
    Stan: I have payments to make as well. I need to fufill my obligations.
    Stan: So if you would be so kind as to hand over my money...
    Stan: ...I'll not steal any more of your precious time.

    LeChuck: How much money do I owe you?

    Stan: That sounds reasonable. Now we're speaking in the same language, my dear LeChuck.
    Stan: The total amount still due is 300,000 Gold pieces.
    Stan: And I won't even charge you for any interest.

    LeChuck: How much money do you want now?

    Stan: Only 300,000 Gold Pieces. And then you're rid of good old Stan.

    God bless Google Translate. Anyway, it's not complete, but it gives you an idea of what the game's like.
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