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Request for the sound in future...

posted by Johnny Walker on - last edited - Viewed by 845 users
I realise there's only two episodes unreleased, but could someone make a note somewhere of the sound issues. I'm not talking about quality, I'm talking about levels: The default levels of EFFECTS, MUSIC and VOICE make the game impossible to understand. In every episode I've had to turn down the MUSIC, and sometimes the EFFECTS, a notch or two every episode, in order to hear the VOICE clearly.

Episode 3 has been the worst, on top of the problem I've mentioned above, there were specific moments that were very bad:

- Ted E. Bear's mumbling is completely inaudible.

- When you win at the unarmed bandit, the door closing stomps right over the mafia guy's line, making part of it unintelligible.

- The three heads on the casino wall that sing that hilarious song, are turned WAY too low. I'm surprised that something that must have taken so much time and effort was barely audible. Thankfully we get to hear it in full during the end credits, but why make it so low in the game itself?

- During the car chase, Max's megaphone was turned up way too high... I know it's supposed to be "loud", but there's ways of making it sound loud, without making it LOUD. Compared to Sam's voice, the difference was massive, and annoying.

Otherwise, wonderful work once again! I'd have to say that Episode 3 has been my favourite so far! Brilliant stuff!

Looking forward to Episode 4!
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  • Jake;22553 said:
    They're also not intended to be interactive and dynamically mixing themselves at all times. ... :p
    That doesn't seem to hold up to much scrutiny, unless you're saying that the user is supposed to adjust the sliders periodically through the game as the scene changes? :D
  • Johnny Walker;22396 said:
    - When you win at the unarmed bandit, the door closing stomps right over the mafia guy's line, making part of it unintelligible.
    I'd just like to point out... that one's on purpose. :p
  • So far the sound design in Sam&Max is good but beside of one song i miss songs which give me the creeps. Best to compare with what i mean might be songs from Grim Fandango like "Nuevo Marrow", "Lost Souls Alliance" or "Bone wagon". I miss the beautiful weirdness and melodies of such songs in Sam&Max. Have courage!
  • Johnny Walker;22547 said:
    It's weird then, that TVs, cinemas and DVDs don't come with the same "slider" options. :p
    oh, but they do. Don't you have a remote control for your TV to turn up the volume if the sound is hard to hear? I have some dvds that got really quiet sound, so I have to turn up the volume to a much higher volume than I would normally use for a normal TV show. Also, some TV channels here have a different volume than other channels, so I have to turn down the volume. TV commercials tends to be a higher volume than normal TV shows too... so I have to turn down the sound before I walk away from the TV.

    Cinemas don't got them because nobody who goes to a cinema is unaware that the sound is going to be high, so those who doesn't like it simply don't go there.

    Personally, I've had no problems with the sound at all. But I have my soundcard hooked up to my amplifier, so I can turn up and down the volume by the turn of an external dial.
  • My problem ,if anything is that movie theaters have turned their sound down far too much. Well below reference in fact because of a bunch of whiners

    When I go to see star wars, I expect that opening note to make my ears bleed ;)
  • Johnny Walker;23267 said:
    Marsan, does your TV have slider options to allow you to turn Bruce Willis's voice higher than the background music?
    Actually, that's pretty much what the center channel in a surround mix is for :)
  • tabacco;23270 said:
    Actually, that's pretty much what the center channel in a surround mix is for :)
    Actually, dialogue is output mostly from the center speaker because that's the one closest to the screen. In a theater, for example, the center channel is usually placed BEHIND the screen.

    It wouldn't make sense to have dialogue primarily coming from any of the other speakers, now would it? :)

    Dialogue coming from the center channel is NOT there specifically so the theater owner/home theater enthusiast can increase the clarity of dialogue... ! (It's only ever used for the that purpose when there's a poor sound mix (or poor speaker placement in the case of a HTE).)
  • I too, find myself turning the music volume down because it drowns out the effects and speech. I love sound effects, but sometimes they drown out the speech too, so I turn them down as well.. tho not as far.

    I accept the sliders for what they are, and I have to do similar in just about every game I play with such sliders (which is more than you might think, and I'm glad when games put them there.. it's like an equalizer on a stereo, I can adjust them to find a sound that's perfect [for me]). It's enjoyable until the musical numbers kick in.. I assume one of the sliders I turn down is the cause. Because of that, I didn't get to really enjoy the one in ep4.. or the singing bear heads in ep3.

    But.. this is all minor to me.
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