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email address (or username) log in

posted by slappy on - last edited - Viewed by 394 users

I cannot log in using just my username.
I have to type in my email address.

Can you fix it, please?
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  • You should be able to sign in with your username "slappy" for the forums. For the ttg account to view and download your games, you'll need to use your email. Let me know if you're having trouble still with username login with forums use.

  • Thanks again, bonnie,

    though I'm at a loss, since log in clearly says "email address (or username)"
    and also, with my other account I'm able to log in using just my username

  • Apparently this is a weird issue related to a recent BB update. We will have to have someone dig into this, but it might take a little while. Sorry!
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