Forum Of The Dead (Story Is Finished!)



  • 2) We should split up. Me, Maddi and Jay will look for exits while Romy and Gus look for Tristen.

    Talmancer (!) Fine, I’ll stay here with you. But we have to hurry. I was waiting for Mari to make a decision. She finally sp

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  • 2) We should split up. Me, Maddi and Jay will look for exits while Romy and Gus look for Tristen.

    Talmancer (!) Fine, I’ll stay here with you. But we have to hurry. I was waiting for Mari to make a decision. She finally sp

  • 5) We should all look for an exit. Tristen is on his own.

    Talmancer (!) Fine, I’ll stay here with you. But we have to hurry. I was waiting for Mari to make a decision. She finally sp

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    (!) We should split up. Me, Maddi and Jay will look for exits while Romy and Gus look for Tristen.

    As we were figuring out what to do, Elias spoke up. “Guys! We should split up. Me, Maddi and Jay will look for exits while Romy and Gus look for Tristen.”

    “You know what? That’s not a bad idea,” Maddi replied.

    “What? Of course that’s a bad idea, I’m not looking for that idiot,” Gus said.

    “Gus,” I spoke. “Let’s just do this, once we get out of here then you can figure out what you want to do with Tristen. But right now it’s all about survival.”

    “And we’re not going to survive if we can’t work together,” Romy told him.

    “Just go with Romy to look for Tristen. If you two can’t be mature about this then you both deserve to die,” Maddi told him.

    “Whoa… Maddi,” Elias said.

    Gus stared at her for a moment and then at the rest of us. “No, she’s right. I don’t like Tristen right now and you guys think this is all my fault, I have to at least try to redeem myself. I did nothing but drink and cause problems since I got here, as the leader of Team A I have to own up to what I did, I have to help others. We’re all in this together now, we have to survive.”

    “Seems like you’re sobering up, and glad to hear it. Now let’s go look for him,” Romy told him.

    “Go now before it’s too late,” Maddi told them. “Be careful, you two.”

    Gus and Romy started running in one direction while we ran in the opposite. We ran through the kitchen and past an indoor swimming pool, it would be great to live here if it weren’t for those witches. We needed to kill them or try to escape before they killed us. We found a door that led to an indoor garden, it even had a glass ceiling inside. Most of the plants and flowers were dead but surprisingly a few of them were still alive.

    “Amazing,” Maddi said.

    “I wish we could all just move in here and not worry about those witches,” Elias told us.

    I was staring at the glass ceiling. “Hmm, seems too high for us to try and reach.”

    “Full moon tonight,” Maddi said.

    I looked at my watch. “A little over four AM now. We should keep moving.”

    I spotted a blue, metal door behind the garden and told the others to follow me. We reached the door but then out of nowhere we heard something behind us. I turned around and spotted one of the witches making it’s way toward us. “Shit!”

    I opened the door and we ran for our lives. The door led to a room with a table in the middle and one shelf filled up with bottled organs and weird looking liquids. We saw another door at the opposite end and ran for it. I tried turning the knob but the door was locked. We were trapped in a corner and the witch was getting closer.

    “What do we do?!” Elias shouted.

    The witch was smiling at us. She knew she had us where she wanted us. She was slowly inching closer to us. I looked at the shelf for anything useful, it was the only thing in the room with items on it. “We’re going to die!” Maddi shouted.

    1) You two try to get the door open. I’ll distract her.

    2) Let’s work together to kill this thing.


    After the power came back on, the rest of the group was focused on listening to what Regan had to say on the walkie-talkie. I decided to go on my own to look for that creature while they were distracted. I made it out of the living room and headed toward the back of the mansion. I started eating some of the cookies I brought along with me, once I would get the chance to kill that monster I would then feel content. I felt empty at the moment, no anger or sadness, I just felt like something was missing. With Scarlett gone, I had a deep void inside me that needed to be filled. I had the machete she brought along with her, I was going to use it to slay that creature that took her from me.

    I was walking for several minutes now, I had no idea where I was going. This mansion was bigger than I had anticipated. I kept walking and I noticed a double door that led into an indoor tennis court.

    “Tristen! Wait!” Before I could enter I heard Romy’s voice. I turned around and saw him and Gus running toward me.

    “Finally we found you,” Gus told me.

    “What the hell are you two doing here?”

    “We came looking for you when we noticed that you were missing from the group,” Gus told me.

    “You?” I pointed at Gus. “Wouldn’t you rather be drinking or trying to figure out a way to screw us over some more.”

    “Hey, stop,” Romy said. “Look, fighting won’t help. We found out that there’s at least ten of those witches altogether.”

    “Witches? What? Ten of them?”

    “Yeah,” Gus spoke. “There are certain locations in the mansion where their magic won’t work. There are some spirits around keeping us trapped here, the dead sisters of the witches. Regan found this notebook of some guy they kept alive here and he told us all about it. We need to find an exit before we’re all fucked.”

    “Then I’m just going to kill them all,” I told them. “I knew something strange was going on around here, now that we know what it is, we should hunt and kill those witches before they get us first.”

    “You know how powerful they are, it won’t be easy. Apparently the light dampens their magic and maybe sunlight will kill them,” Romy told me.

    “What about fire?”

    “We don’t know, but it should definitely work on them.”

    Gus spoke up. “Let’s look for an exit while we’re here, I’m willing to work together. You proved that you belong on my team when we had that little fight upstairs. You’re a true alpha, mate.”

    “Yeah, I guess we can set our differences aside for now. I’m not in the mood to fight you anyway, I just want to kill every last one of those damned witches.”

    “Okay, let’s be careful around here,” Romy told us.

    We proceeded into the tennis court. There were bleachers to the side, the tennis net was damaged and there were a few tennis rackets on the floor that were damaged as well. It looked like there weren’t any exits around here, just an empty tennis court.

    “We should keep moving, just a dead end here,” Gus told us.

    We were starting to make our way out until two of the witches showed up and blocked our way. “Oh shit!” Romy aimed his gun at them.

    “Wait!” I shouted. “Remember what happened last time?”

    “Fuck! You’re right.”

    “Guys, we have to do something,” Gus said while we moved back. The witches were circling around us.

    “Here they come!” I shouted.

    “I don’t have a fucking weapon!” Gus shouted.

    One of the witches started running toward me. I gripped the machete tightly and got ready. Once it was mere inches away I sidestepped and swung that machete at her. I caught her on the thigh and she screamed. She hit me with her arm and sent me flying onto the tennis net. I heard a gunshot while I was on the floor and looked over to see Romy and Gus distracted with the other witch. The witch that I hurt was making her way over to them. I got up and saw that one of the witches was walking toward Romy while the one that I hurt was walking toward Gus. I needed to do something.

    1) Help Gus out.

    2) Help Romy out.


    “Tonight is the night, my sisters!” I spotted a group of weird looking creatures. They were naked and skinny with pale skin and long black hair, only one of them had clothes on and white hair, seemed to be the leader. They were gathered around a cauldron. I stayed hidden and tried to film everything that was going on. There were about eight of them grouped together but it seemed like only the white haired one was able to talk. “The ten hearts that we have waited years for have finally arrived! We will finally be able to rejuvenate and regain full power! Once we destroy Darkfield we can move on and live the rest of our days in peace. We shall create a new homeland and keep everyone away! The Dark Forest witches will have their revenge!”

    “Witches?” I said to myself.

    I saw another one of those things coming down a set of stairs behind them. “Ah yes! Our first heart! Put it into the cauldron, sister.” The creature tossed the heart that it was carrying into the cauldron. “This one was from the fair maiden named Scarlett. There are still nine hearts remaining. We must collect them all before sunrise, my witch sisters. It is our only chance. If we do not succeed tonight, then we shall wither and die. Our magic is nearly used up, we cannot hold off any longer.”

    “Scarlett?!” I said under my breath. Those witches had killed her! And they were going after the rest of us as well. I needed to warn the others.

    “Go now, sisters! Go and bring back the remaining hearts. Hunt them down and make sure you do not damage the heart. Kill them and make them suffer. Once you are done, toss their corpses into their graves. When we have all ten hearts we’ll be able to continue our spell and then nothing will stop us!” The witch leader told them.

    “Graves?” I saw them all scatter except for the leader. She turned around and walked over to a door behind her.

    “Now, for you, my deary,” the witch said.

    She had left the door opened and unattended. I looked around with the camera and there seemed to be nothing else. Just some stairs that led up somewhere, the cauldron in the middle and the open door.

    I snuck over to the cauldron and saw a glowing, green stew being bowled. It was bubbling with steam coming out of it. I walked over to the open door and peeked inside. “What the fuck is that?!”

    Inside was a frankenstein-like monster monster strapped onto a table. The witch was beside it with her hand above his head casting some sort of spell. I went inside and hid behind some crates. I tried my best to capture everything that was going on. “There… awake, my monster!” The witch shouted. “You have lived here with us for years now, you served your purpose and now it is time for you to hunt those young adults and bring me their hearts! My witch sisters grow weaker by the minute, they may not be able to finish the mission. You may be our last hope.” The monster opened it’s eyes and she released it’s straps. “Yes… The Butcher is finally awake.”

    “The Butcher? What is going on?”

    The Butcher stood up and went over to a table to grab a chainsaw. The witch started laughing. “The spirits talk to me, child. I know you’re there.”


    “Come out from hiding and your death will be painless.”

    I stood up and showed myself. “Who are you? What’s going on around here?!”

    “Do you not know of the Darkfied witches? Have you not heard the stories?”

    “But you… all of you were murdered so long ago. There’s no way you can be alive.”

    “We managed to survive using what little magic we had left. Only ten of us survived. We’ve lived here for centuries, gathering our strength back and slowly regaining our magic. You mortals will pay for killing my family and forcing us into hiding!”

    “That was centuries ago! Those were different people! They’re all dead by now!”

    The witch started laughing. “Yes, but you filthy animals still inhabit our town. The one we built, none of you shall survive. Once we have your hearts, no one will stop us.”

    “You killed Scarlett!”

    “Don’t worry, all of you will join her in the afterlife soon enough.”

    “Why us?!”

    “We saw into the future, your youth and health and the fact that this is the only time where ten of you mortals have ever entered the Dark Forest at once. None of the hearts before you would have worked, to old and disease ridden. All of your hearts are perfect! We stored what little magic we had and waited until this day.”

    “Well you’re not going to get the rest of us, we’re going to kill you all before you get a chance to kill us.”

    The witch laughed once more. “Enough of this! Butcher! Get him!” I saw the Butcher getting ready to rev up the chainsaw. Suddenly the lights turned on, the witch started screaming. “What sorcery!” I turned the night vision off of the camera and ran out of the door. “Butcher! After him!”

    I saw another witch blocking the stairs. I kicked the cauldron over and ran to the door that I originally came in from. I closed the metal door behind me and went over to move a table that was near by, trying to block the door.

    “You guys need to find Tristen we’re--what the?!” I heard Regan and turned around to see him and Mari behind me. “Pat!”

    “Help me move this table! No time to explain! Come on!” I told them.

    They ran over to help me. “Witches?!” Mari asked me.

    “What?! You know?!”

    “We know all about it, we need to get the fuck out of here. We know how to get back up stairs,” Regan told me as we finished blocking the door with the table.

    “Let’s go then, we need to hurry!” I told them.

    “Don’t worry, they probably won’t get through,” Regan told me as we moved away. “We were looking all over for you. You still have that camera too?”

    We heard a loud banging coming from the other side of the metal door. Soon the door came busting down and the table had broken apart. “What the fuck is that thing?!” Mari shouted.

    “Mari take this knife!” I told her while handing it over. “Let’s go!”

    “What the fuck?!” Regan shouted as we ran away. We ran through the corridor and into a room with a small library. We entered another torture room but then another witch blocked our way. “Fuck!”

    We looked back and the Butcher was running toward us, bursting through doors like they were made of paper. “We have to do something!”

    “Both exits are blocked!” Regan shouted.

    I had a cleaver, Mari had a knife and Regan had a hammer. The Butcher was starting to rev up his chainsaw again. The witch was moving in closer. We had to do something.

    1) Take our chances with the witch.

    2) Take our chances with the Butcher.


  • 2) We should split up. Me, Maddi and Jay will look for exits while Romy and Gus look for Tristen.

    Talmancer (!) Fine, I’ll stay here with you. But we have to hurry. I was waiting for Mari to make a decision. She finally sp

  • 1) You two try to get the door open. I’ll distract her.

    1) Help Gus out.

    2) Take our chances with the Butcher.

    WhatTheDuck (!) We should split up. Me, Maddi and Jay will look for exits while Romy and Gus look for Tristen. As we were fi

  • 1) You two try to get the door open. I’ll distract her.

    I don't think the 3 of us can take on that witch with only a knife and a bat, especially not Elias who's unarmed. I don't think Jay will survive on his own against the witch, but it would maybe buy some time for Elias and I to escape.

    1) Help Gus out.

    Romy at least has a gun. I think his chances of surviving unassisted are much better than Gus'.

    1) Take our chances with the witch.

    The Butcher sounds like a tank. I think the witch would be easier to get past with all 3 of them charging her. I'm hoping that the Butcher barreling forward won't be able to stop in time to avoid a collision with the witch, maybe we could use his weight against her.

    WhatTheDuck (!) We should split up. Me, Maddi and Jay will look for exits while Romy and Gus look for Tristen. As we were fi

  • 1)

    I hope this doesn't mean that Jay is going to have to sacrifice himself ;-;


    I like Romy more


    Mars has that flashlight, I feel like we can get past the witch with more ease.

    WhatTheDuck (!) We should split up. Me, Maddi and Jay will look for exits while Romy and Gus look for Tristen. As we were fi

  • 1) You two try to get the door open. I’ll distract her.

    1) Help Gus out.

    1) Take our chances with the witch.

    WhatTheDuck (!) We should split up. Me, Maddi and Jay will look for exits while Romy and Gus look for Tristen. As we were fi

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    1) You two try to get the door open. I’ll distract her.
    Lmao RIP me.

    1) Help Gus out.

    1) Take our chances with the witch.

    WhatTheDuck (!) We should split up. Me, Maddi and Jay will look for exits while Romy and Gus look for Tristen. As we were fi

  • 1) You two try to get the door open. I’ll distract her.

    1) Help Gus out.

    1) Take our chances with the witch.

    WhatTheDuck (!) We should split up. Me, Maddi and Jay will look for exits while Romy and Gus look for Tristen. As we were fi

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    (!) You two try to get the door open. I’ll distract her.

    The witch was getting closer. Jay turned to look at me and Elias. “You two try to get the door open. I’ll distract her.”

    “What?! Are you insane?!” I shouted.

    “It’s the only way! Get that door open!” The witch ran toward Jay and he swung the bat at her, hitting her across the face and knocking her down. Jay ran over to the shelf with the weird bottled organs and liquids. “You’re not so tough! Come and get me!”

    I looked around for something to open the door with, but there wasn’t anything useful. “Come on, Elias!” I started kicking the door with Elias. We tried desperately to get it open.

    The witch behind us was screaming at Jay, trying to get close to him. Jay swung the bat at her again, hitting her multiple times. Me and Elias both kicked the door as hard as we could and ended up breaking the lock. The witch heard us and focused her attention on us. Jay started throwing random bottles at her. “Jay!” Elias shouted.

    “Over here, you ugly bitch! You look worse than my Hershey squirt dumps.” Jay managed to get her attention again.

    The witch ran toward him and Jay swung the bat once more, this time the witch dodged it and slashed his leg, she grabbed him and sent him flying across the room, he hit the brick wall before crashing down onto the floor. I took out my knife. “Elias we have to help him! Come on!”

    Me and Elias ran toward the witch, Elias started grabbing a couple of bottles and tossing them at her. “Take this, you evil piece of shit!”

    It was working, one of the bottles with the strange liquid was burning the witch. I took the opportunity to stab her in the eye and all over her face repeatedly. “Die! Just fucking die!” The witch was screaming, and writhing in agony. I could see her skin melting and her bones becoming exposed.

    I kept stabbing and stabbing until Elias ran up to stop me. “Maddi! It’s dead! Stop!”

    I was panting and staring down at the witch's corpse. It seemed like she was dead for good. I got up and looked over at Jay who was lying face down on the floor and bleeding. Me and Elias ran over to him and tried to turn him around.

    Jay let out some groans. “Fuck… my fucking leg is fucked more than a whore getting gangbanged by some fucking AIDs infested fuckwads.”

    Jay had three huge open gashes on his leg and he was bleeding profusely. “Damn, we don’t have any medical supplies to try and stop the bleeding. None of us expected something like this,” I told him.

    “What about the toilet paper?” Elias suggested.

    “What type of ghetto shit… I’d still need to get my leg cleaned and stitched up, man,” Jay replied.

    Elias frowned. “Sorry! I just… I don’t know what to do.”

    “Leave me here, I guess. I’ll only slow you two down,” Jay told us.

    Jay was badly injured. We didn’t have any medical supplies to help him, he risked his life to help us and this was the price he paid. We were running out of time and we needed to figure out what to do next.

    1) We’ll leave you here.

    2) We’re not leaving you behind. You’re coming with us.


    (!) Help Gus out.

    I quickly made up my mind and ran over to help Gus out. The witch was getting close to him, Gus was backed up onto a wall. Romy fired another shot at the witch in front of him. I reached the witch in front of Gus and went for it’s head. I swung the machete with all my strength and was able to slice the top of it’s head off. The witch fell to it’s knees and then hit the floor. Gus had his eyes wide open, he was shocked as much as I was. “You saved me!”

    I heard Romy screaming and turned to look at him being lifted up by the other witch. She ripped open his chest and broke through his sternum. Me and Gus ran toward her, Gus tackled her over to the wall and held her there, I quickly stabbed her through the face with the machete, she stopped moving and screaming. “We got this bitch!” I shouted as we watched her fall.

    I turned over to look at Romy. It was evident that he was dead, he was lying down on the floor with a pool of blood forming around him. I walked over to his corpse and picked up his gun. I checked it and it still had three bullets left. I turned to look at his corpse and closed his eyes. “Just when I was starting to like him… I’m sorry, Romy.”

    I got up and saw Gus leaning on the wall, drinking from a bottle of water. “Think I fucked up my arm again, mate. Romy’s dead too… fuck!”

    I looked at the witches corpses, guess their head was a good weak point. I walked over to Gus and handed him the gun. “Aim for their head if we run into anymore of them. There’s only three bullets left, so make them count. Think you can do that?”

    “I’ll try, but I won’t guarantee it. I’ll cover you as best I can, mate.”

    “We have to keep moving, Gus. We need to let the others know about Romy...”

    “Poor sonuvabitch,” Gus said. “Maybe if I had a weapon of my own I could have saved him…”

    “No time for ‘what if’s’, Romy would have done the same for us.”

    “Fucking shit, man,” Gus said. He stared at Romy’s corpse and started to vomit.

    I turned to look away. “Damn…”

    A minute went by and Gus was finally done. He kept drinking some more water and cleaning his mouth. He looked up at me. “I know it’s a bad idea, but I could really go for some whiskey right now.”

    Then it hit me. “Molotovs!”


    “Molotovs! Come on, Gus! We have to head back.”

    I helped Gus and we started to make our way back to the living room. We needed to let the others know about what happened and try to regroup before more of those witches found us.

    _ Juice_Box_

    (!) Take our chances with the witch.

    Both exits were blocked, the witch had the stairs that led to the room with the fuse box while that other giant hulk of a monster blocked the way we ran out of. Pat recorded both of them and then put the camera away. He turned to me and Regan. “Let’s go for the witch! Hurry!”

    We got our weapons ready and ran toward her. The witch started laughing and ran toward us at the same time. Regan swung at her with the hammer but he missed, I stabbed her in her spine and then Pat brung down the cleaver on the top of her skull. Regan hit her on the side of the head, bringing her down onto the floor and then repeatedly bashing her brains in.

    “We fucking did it! We killed it!” Regan shouted.

    Pat took out his camera again. “I don’t know if it was luck but we got her!”

    We heard the chainsaw revving and saw the giant monster running toward us with another witch behind him. “Oh shit! We have to go!” I shouted.

    “Agreed!” Pat replied.

    We ran up the stairs and into the fuse box room. I looked back and saw the witch gaining on us with the other monster behind her. The witch was a lot faster, but they seemed to be weaker, either way we had to keep our distance from them. We ran out the room and closed the door behind us. We could hear how pissed off the giant monster was as we ran away, trying to head back upstairs to the living room...


  • 1) We’ll leave you here.

    AllThatRemains (!) You two try to get the door open. I’ll distract her. The witch was getting closer. Jay turned to look at

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    Hi guys guess who's back. It's me......Lord. I hope you remember me. It's been a long time and so much changed. Heck I have a story now. I'm glad to see all of you are safe and well. I thought i would never see you guys again........................................................

    Anyway glad to see you all and i'm glad to see pro writing stuff again :).

  • 2) We’re not leaving you behind. You’re coming with us.

    AllThatRemains (!) You two try to get the door open. I’ll distract her. The witch was getting closer. Jay turned to look at

  • 2) We’re not leaving you behind. You’re coming with us.

    AllThatRemains (!) You two try to get the door open. I’ll distract her. The witch was getting closer. Jay turned to look at

  • ATR :D

    2) We’re not leaving you behind. You’re coming with us.

  • 2) We’re not leaving you behind. You’re coming with us.

    AllThatRemains (!) You two try to get the door open. I’ll distract her. The witch was getting closer. Jay turned to look at

  • 2) We’re not leaving you behind. You’re coming with us.

    AllThatRemains (!) You two try to get the door open. I’ll distract her. The witch was getting closer. Jay turned to look at

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    2) m8 you're gonna die with us, not alone.

    AllThatRemains (!) You two try to get the door open. I’ll distract her. The witch was getting closer. Jay turned to look at

  • Hey lord :)

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  • 2) If you're alive you can come

    AllThatRemains (!) You two try to get the door open. I’ll distract her. The witch was getting closer. Jay turned to look at

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    (!) We’re not leaving you behind. You’re coming with us.

    Jay looked worried. He held onto his leg with both hands. “Go on, you two. Go,” he said.

    I stared at Elias and then back at Jay. “We’re not leaving you behind. You’re coming with us.”

    “What? That’s not a good idea, Maddi,” Jay told me.

    “Help me with him, Elias,” I told him as I tried to help him up. “We’re not leaving anyone behind. I don’t care if you think you’ll slow us down, we’re not leaving you here to die.”

    Jay chuckled. “I find solace in knowing that you guys won’t leave me behind. That stupid fucking witch almost got me…”

    “We’ll get you out of here, Jay. Just hold on,” Elias told him as we lifted him up.

    Jay put his arms around us and was only able to hop on one foot. We needed to find medical supplies and fast. I reached for the walkie-talkie and tried to contact Regan as we made our way out. “Regan, are you there? Regan…?”

    “He’s still not responding,” Elias told me.

    “They can’t be dead…” I tried once more. “Regan, come on. Please…”

    “Maddi?!” Suddenly Regan’s voice was heard through the walkie.

    “Finally! We were beginning to think that you guys were done for. Thank God you’re not. Are Pat and Mari still with you?”

    “Kind of preoccupied at the moment!” I could hear what seemed like a witch laughing and a chainsaw revving in the background.

    “Regan is that a witch?! And a chainsaw?!”

    “A witch and some fucking tank of a monster chasing us. Yeah, he has a fucking chainsaw! We’re making our way back to the living room. Me, Mari and Pat are okay for the time being, but once we reach the living room we’ll need to haul ass out of here. Have you guys found any exits?”

    “What?! And no, we’re still looking, we could try the back door, it’s where Team B came from earlier. Romy busted the door open, maybe we could try that?”

    “Why the fuck didn’t we think of that earlier?! The fucking backdoor, of course!”

    We made it to the door that me and Elias busted open and it led into the kitchen. I realized that we had made a complete circle, we were close by to the living room now. “Regan, we’re close to the living room. We desperately need medical supplies, Jay is badly injured and bleeding all over the place. Did you see any down there?”

    “We’re almost to the living room now but you lads will be in for a big surprise when these two fuckers show up behind us!”

    “Get away!” I heard Pat in the background.

    “That witch is too fast!” MarI shouted.

    “Aim your flashlight at her eyes! They’re weak to light! Hurry Mari! We’re almost to the living room!” I heard Regan shout. “Maddi, you need medical supplies?”

    “Yeah, we—”

    I heard Tristen’s voice around the corner. “Come on, Gus! There’s the bar!”

    I spotted him and Gus in the distance. “Regan, I see Tristen and Gus, but I don’t see Romy around. Gus is holding Romy’s gun in his hand, something must have happened.”

    “Starting to get dizzy…,” Jay told us.

    “Hang in there, Jay, don’t give up,” Elias told him.

    “It worked! The flashlight worked!” I heard Mari on the walkie-talkie.

    I could hear the witch screaming. The chainsaw in the background was louder than before. “Oh shit! Did you fucking see that!” Pat shouted.

    “He just just sliced that witch in half! She was in his way and he didn’t give a fuck! Now’s our chance! Keep running!” Regan said. “Maddi, are you still there?!”

    “I’m here, what happened?”

    “Is Romy dead?”

    “I don’t know, it looks like Tristen and Gus are collecting alcohol bottles and looking around for something… hold on,” I told Regan. “Gus! Tristen!” I shouted.

    They turned around and spotted us. “Maddi! What happened to Jay?!” Tristen replied.

    “A witch slashed his leg! We need medical supplies!”

    “Medical supplies?! I saw a couple of first aid kits earlier in one of the rooms I was in, I should have brought it with me earlier but completely forgot about it,” Tristen told me. “Come on, Gus, let’s help them with Jay.”

    “Regan, Mari and Pat are on their way here and it sounds like some giant monster is after them with a chainsaw, we’re going to need to head upstairs ASAP!” I told them.

    Gus and Tristen made it over to us and grabbed a hold of Jay. They started helping him over to the living room while me and Elias followed. “We’re going to have some company soon, we need to head upstairs right away and get Jay patched up,” Elias told us.

    “Where’s Romy?” I asked.

    “He didn’t make it,” Gus replied. “Two witches came out of nowhere and attacked us. Tristen saved me, but there was nothing we could do for Romy… the poor bastard.”

    “Oh no…,” I said. I tried contacting Regan again. “Regan… We just found out that Romy is dead.”

    “Fuck! Did they take his heart?”

    “His heart? Um, I don’t know.” I looked over at Tristen and he nodded his head no. “No, Regan. They didn’t. Why would they?”

    “They’re collecting our hearts, as soon as they have all our hearts they’ll be able to rejuvenate themselves and regain back their full power. We can’t let that happen or else they’ll destroy Darkfield town and everyone in it.”

    “That’s why that stupid witch ran off with Scarlett’s heart!” Tristen shouted.

    “I think we’re nearly back to the living room now, and I think we lost that monster too.”

    “It’s called the Butcher!” I heard Pat. “The leader of the witches has white hair, she was the only one wearing clothes, I caught her on my camera. She was the only one that was able to speak, she kept some guy here for years and turned him into some monster.”

    “That must have been the guy who wrote in that notebook!” I heard Mari.

    “Damn, it had to have been him!" I heard Regan. "Maddi, we just found a gasoline tank, I’m taking it with us. We’ll be there shortly,”

    We made it to the bar and Tristen and Gus placed Jay down. “Go upstairs and get the medical supplies, I’ll start working on the molotovs,” Gus told Tristen.

    “Right, I’ll be back as soon as I can,” Tristen replied.

    “Wait! I’m going with you just in case,” Elias told him.

    “Take Jay’s bat then, Elias,” Gus told him while handing it over. “My shoulder is fucked and I can't go around swinging that thing.” Elias nodded and took that bat. He then followed Tristen up the stairs. “Give me your knife for a moment, Maddi,” Gus said while collecting a couple of rags that were lying around the bar table. “I heard Regan say that he found a gasoline tank, with his lighter we’ll be able to light these molotovs up and use them against the witches," he said and then handed the knife back.

    “Not bad for a stupid fuck…,” Jay said.

    “Maddi!” I heard Regan’s voice behind me. “Close the door! Quickly!” I turned and saw Regan with Mari and Pat behind him. They started making their way to us.

    “Just in time, mate. I’m making some homemade molotovs, I’ll need you to soak these rags with that gasoline,” Gus told Regan.

    “Are you guys okay?” Pat asked.

    “We’re fine,” I replied. “Are you okay? You look like you’ve been through hell.”

    “More or less. I saw unimaginable things while I was down there, but luckily Regan and Mari found me.”

    “Did you capture anything on camera?”

    “I got everything, people aren’t going to believe this.”

    “That thing was right behind us, it’ll most likely be here any moment now,” Regan said.

    “What was chasing you guys?” Jay asked.

    “Some giant fucking tank of a monster, we’re lucky we made it out of there alive,” Regan replied. He and Gus were quickly making the molotovs.

    “Tristen and Elias went upstairs to get some medical supplies for Jay,” I told them.

    “Fuck! We have to get Jay up there now then! There’s no way we’ll be able to outrun that monster in time!” Regan shouted.

    “What about the backdoor? Shouldn’t we try to let them know?” I asked.

    “There’s no time! Either we try to get Jay up there and patch him up quickly, or we try to go to the back door and leave without them,” Regan told us.

    “We’re not leaving anyone behind!” Mari said.

    “Then you, Maddi and Pat get Jay upstairs now! When that monster comes me and Gus will hold him off and buy you guys some time. Go now, hurry!” Regan shouted.

    Me, Mari and Pat helped Jay up and we started making our way to the stairs. “Five-thirty AM…,” Jay told us.

    We started going up the stairs as fast as we could. I looked back and Regan and Gus were finishing up the molotovs. I started hearing some loud footsteps beneath us. Suddenly a loud crash was heard and I saw the basement door flying across the room. “It’s here! Gus get ready!” Regan shouted as he picked up a few molotovs. He looked at us. “Go! Hurry!”

    We were nearly at the top now, I kept hearing Gus and Regan cursing at the monster, I didn’t get a look at it but I could tell it was a powerful beast by the way that door had flown across the living room. We were upstairs now and in a corridor. I saw Elias standing outside of one of the rooms. “Guys! What happened?!”

    “Change of plan, we’re coming to you!” Pat shouted.

    “The Butcher is downstairs and Regan and Gus are distracting it! We need to get Jay immediate medical attention!” Mari shouted.

    We were moving toward him as fast as we could. “Found them! Fucking finally!” I heard Tristen shout.

    “The others are making their way to us! We need to help Jay quickly!” Elias told him.

    We were about halfway to them now. I saw Tristen coming out of the room with a first aid kit. “Come on, Elias!” He told him. Suddenly we could hear laughs all around us. They were getting louder by the second. “What the hell is that?” Tristen and Elias stopped running and looked around to see where the laughs were coming from.

    “They’re getting louder, what the hell?” Pat said as we kept moving toward them.

    We were almost to Tristen and Elias. Suddenly the doors in front of us opened and four witches came out of them. They were laughing maniacally. “Oh fuck…,” I heard Jay say.

    “Did you really think you could escape?!” I heard an unfamiliar voice say.

    “That sounds like the witch leader,” Pat told us.

    Another witch with white hair wearing black clothing came out of another door. She was closer to Tristen and Elias. “You fools! We will kill you all and collect your hearts! None of you shall live! Especially you, boy!” She pointed at Pat. “You knocked down my cauldron! How dare you! You will all pay for killing my sisters!”

    “What the fuck?!” Tristen shouted.

    There were five witches blocking our way to Tristen and Elias. They had the medical supplies for Jay but we couldn’t get to them now.

    “Guys, run!” I heard Regan behind us.

    “That fucking thing! Holy fuck! What the fuck?!” Gus shouted.

    “Guys!” I turned my head and spotted Regan and Gus making it up to the second floor where we all were. “Oh fuck!” Regan said when he saw the witches.

    I heard loud steps nearby and then saw the giant monster that was chasing them. My eyes widened. “Is that…?”

    “That’s the Butcher…,” Mari told me.

    “Oh hell no… we’re fucked,” Jay said.

    Pat was still recording everything. “I hope someone sees this video… this is the only proof of this…”

    Regan and Gus were slowly moving toward us while the Butcher stared at them, the Butcher seemed to have suffered some burns but was totally unphased by them. Gus and Regan still had some molotovs on them and Gus still had Romy's gun, I didn't hear him firing it before coming up here either. They made it to us and looked at the witches and then at the Butcher.

    “Fucking hell, mates. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t plan on dying tonight,” Gus told us.

    The witch leader started laughing. “You poor ignoramus. You will all die!”

    “What do we do, guys?” Mari asked.

    We had four witches blocking the way to Elias and Tristen who had the medical supplies, plus the witch leader as well. Tristen and Elias were closer to the witch leader and could maybe attack them from the back while we got the front. It seemed risky though… on the other hand, the Butcher was starting to rev up his chainsaw and getting ready to charge at us. He was pretty big and powerful, but maybe if we all ganged up on him we might stand a chance, I didn’t know for certain though. We needed to do something fast, or else we were all going to die…

    1) Everyone go after the Butcher! Tristen and Elias go for the witches!

    2) Everyone go after the witches! We’ll take them all on!


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    He just just sliced that witch in half! She was in his way and he didn’t give a fuck!

    the Butcher seemed to have suffered some burns but was totally unphased by them.

    2) Witches be bitches

    I doubt they'd be able to take down that Butcher...

    AllThatRemains (!) We’re not leaving you behind. You’re coming with us. Jay looked worried. He held onto his leg with both h

  • 2) Everyone go after at the witches! We’ll take them all on!

    AllThatRemains (!) We’re not leaving you behind. You’re coming with us. Jay looked worried. He held onto his leg with both h

  • 2) Everyone go after the witches! We’ll take them all on!

    AllThatRemains (!) We’re not leaving you behind. You’re coming with us. Jay looked worried. He held onto his leg with both h

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    (!) Everyone go after the witches! We’ll take them all on!

    The Butcher had chased me and Regan up the stairs. We threw a couple of molotovs at him before getting up here but it barely even hurt him. I turned around and the remaining witches were waiting to tear into our flesh and take out hearts. My shoulder was hurting, but I was trying to ignore it. Adrenaline was kicking in and the only thing on my mind now was survival. I was trying to prove to the others that I could redeem myself, that if they wanted to blame me that they could, but I was going to make sure that we made it out of here.

    “We’re fucked! We’re done for!” Regan shouted.

    “No!” Maddi shouted. “Everyone go after the witches! We’ll take them all on!”

    “What about Jay?” Pat asked.

    Jay shook his head. “Fuck it, you guys attack them and I’ll try my best to keep up, I won’t slow you guys down anymore.”

    “Are you sure?” Mari asked him.

    Jay let go of them and held his leg. “Have to ignore the pain for now, we need to get the fuck out of here.”

    The Butcher was revving up his chainsaw. “Let’s do this then,” I told them.

    Everyone took out their weapons, we got in front of Jay and got ready to fight the witches. “You all are either really brave, or really stupid. No matter though, once we have all your hearts, Darkfield shall be destroyed,” the witch leader told us with a sinister smile.

    “Fuck off, you ugly dick munching cunt,” Jay told her.

    The witch leader started laughing, now was our chance while she was distracted. “Attack!” I shouted.

    Regan tossed two molotovs at the witches and burned a few of them. He took out his hammer and got ready to bash any others that got in the way. Mari turned her flashlight on and tried to blind them while getting ready to slash the ones that got close to us. Pat was using the cleaver and trying to record everything at the same time, I think Pat was the most insane out of all of us for doing that. Maddi had her knife out and helping Mari along the way. Jay was surprisingly moving forward on his own and trying his best to keep up. I spotted Tristen and Elias fighting the witches from the back, they were beating and slicing the shit out of them. We were coming at the witches from both sides, they didn’t know who to attack and they seemed weaker than before.

    The witch leader was taking a beating until she dropped something and disappeared in front of us. The small cloud of smoke dissipated quickly. Tristen and Elias were killing the last remaining witches. The Butcher then revved up his chainsaw and snarled at us. I still hadn’t used my weapons. “Get Jay into the room, hurry!” Tristen shouted.

    Everyone helped Jay into the last room of the corridor. I was moving back and watching my step, trying not to trip over the corpses of the witches. The Butcher started running toward me. I saw the others enter the room. I aimed the gun at him and shot. The first bullet hit his chest. I aimed again, this time I caught him in the shoulder. I aimed once more and shot, this time I was able to catch him in the left eye. The Butcher held his eye and crashed into the wall. I saw him falling down and took the opportunity to regroup with the others.

    I ran to the room that they were in and saw Tristen and Elias patching Jay’s leg up while Regan and Mari were tying the rope that Regan brought along with him onto the bed leg. They tossed the rope outside of a broken window. “Pat, you go first! Then Mari, then Jay, then Maddi, then Elias, Tristen and Gus, and then me,” Regan told us.

    Pat grabbed onto the rope and started going down. Mari didn’t wait that long and did the same right after. Tristen and Elias had finished patching Jay’s leg up and he started to make his way over to the window. I heard the Butcher screaming, we needed to hurry. They helped Jay and he started climbing down on his own. Maddi quickly started climbing down after followed by Elias and Tristen. I ran over to the window and got ready to climb down.

    I heard the Butcher behind me and saw that he was outside of the door. “Fuck!”

    “Damn it!” Regan shouted. “Go, Gus!”

    I grabbed the rope and got ready to climb down. The Butcher crashed into the room and spotted me and Regan. I grabbed my last molotov and took aim, Regan lit it up and then I tossed it. The molotov hit the Butcher right in his injured eye, he started writhing in pain. I didn’t waste any time and started climbing down the rope soon after.


    Gus caught the Butcher right in the eye with the molotov. I picked up the gasoline tank and started to pour it down onto the rope and floor. I left a trail that led to the gas tank and then grabbed the rope. I saw the Butcher getting ready to come after me, he looked pissed. I slid down the rope and rolled on the floor. I saw my lighter nearby and told Maddi to light up the rope. She ran to it and did just that. We moved away and I started to wipe my hands on my clothes. The fire went up all the way to the window. We spotted the Butcher looking down at us and soon after there was an explosion from the gas tank. The Butcher flew out the window and came crashing down hard, he landed on his head and split it open. The chainsaw landed near him and Gus went over to pick it up.

    “We… we fucking did it!” I shouted.

    “Holy fuck…,” Pat said as he recorded the whole thing.

    “Like true fuckng alphas, mates!” Gus told us.

    “We didn’t even need a map to stop them either,” Mari said.

    “That was insane, let’s hope that we never have to go through something like that ever again,” Maddi said.

    “I thought I was done for, but you guys saved me,” Jay told us.

    “Let’s get the fuck out of these woods,” Tristen told us.

    “Agreed,” Pat said.

    We helped Jay up and we started making our way to the front of the mansion. We were finally home free. This night of fright was finally over. We lost Romy and Scarlett along the way, but we made sure to work together and survive for them. We were sad that they were gone but we made sure we avenged them in the end. This nightmare was over.


    This nightmare was finally over… or was it? We reached the front of the mansion and turned around to look at it before we left. We thought it was over… but suddenly the roof of the mansion bursted up and bright, colorful lights shined out. We heard the witch leader laughing and then spotted her floated above the mansion.

    “Fuck! Thought she was done for!” Tristen shouted.

    “Thought she wasn’t going to show up anymore!” Elias shouted.

    A dark aura radiated off of her. She looked more demonic than before. “You imbeciles! You ruined everything! Centuries! I’ve waited centuries only for you to come and ruin everything! I was supposed to gain all the power, I was supposed to regain my youth! You foolish mortals will perish here tonight! You will not escape!”

    “What the fuck are you talking about, you old hag?!” Gus shouted.

    “Everything! My sisters were supposed to be sacrifices, once I had all ten hearts I was going to take all their power, they were my puppets! They were my slaves! Now they’re all dead!”

    “You used your own sisters?!” Elias asked her.

    “You wanted all the power for yourself?! You greedy bitch! You deserve to die!” I told her.

    The witch started laughing. “Too bad none of you will leave this forest tonight. I’m using up the last bit of magic I stored all those years to finish you all off. If I’m going to die, then I’m taking you all with me!”

    “We’re doomed…” She started floating over to us. She held two flaming orbs in her hands, she had a sinister smile on her face. She knew we couldn’t outrun her. This was her territory, she had us blocked with her magic. There was nothing we could do now...

    Or was there? The sun started rising, a light of hope beamed down on the witch. Her skin was beginning to burn. “What?! No! The sun! My power!”

    She was weakening and slowly dying. It was our only chance to stop her before she fled. “Get her!” Regan shouted.

    We ran up to her and started hitting her with all of our weapons. We bludgeoned, slashed and stabbed her. We started kicking and punching the witch to death. “Move aside,” We heard Gus say as he revved up the chainsaw.

    The witch spoke. “You’re no better than the people from the earlier years… you filthy animals are still the monsters of this planet… I hope you all realize that,” She said while coughing up blood.

    Gus started slicing the witch in half, blood flew everywhere and got all over our clothes and faces. We watched as Gus finished her off. He turned the chainsaw off and we watched the witch’s corpse on the ground. “It’s over, mates.”

    “Damn… savages,” I heard Jay say behind us.

    The witch’s corpse started to deteriorate. We saw her spirit coming out of her corpse, she looked young and had her eyes closed. She had a big smile on her face and flew away with a cheerful laugh.

    “What was that?” Elias asked.

    “Her spirit?” I replied.

    “Maybe she’s finally at peace,” Tristen told us.

    “What a fucking strange night,” Gus said.

    “I got nearly eighty percent of everything that happened. Should we show it to anyone?” Pat asked.

    Before we could answer him, the leaves on the Dark Forest trees started to turn green. Almost as if the forest was coming to life again.

    “Whoa…,” Mari said. “What’s going on now?”

    “WIth all the witches gone, there’s no more sadness or pain. I think we set them free, not in a nice way, but yeah…,” Regan told us.

    The forest looked more beautiful than ever before, we started hearing birds chirping and saw a few animals roaming by. “This is amazing. People are going to be talking, we might as well show them the video,” I said.

    “No doubt, they’ll want an explanation for this,” Pat replied.

    “I know I fucked up by bringing you guys here, but in the end we managed to save our town,” Gus told us.

    “If only Scarlett and Romy were here to see this,” Tristen said.

    “I think they are, maybe they’re at peace as well,” Elias told him.

    “Yeah… maybe you’re right.”

    I let out a huge sigh. “What a night. This is not how I planned to spend the day with you guys, but I’m glad we managed to overcome what just happened. Not everyone survived but I’m glad we’re together right here and right now.”

    We hugged each other. Some of us started crying, we had lost two good friends but we were going to make sure that we never forgot about them. We were all exhausted and sad, we just wanted to go back to our families and tell them how much we loved them. We could have all lost our lives tonight but we overcame the odds and fought our way out and survived. Scarlett and Romy were avenged, the difficult part would come later when we would have to explain everything to their parents. It wasn’t going to be easy.

    “We should head back home, I’m in the mood for a much needed fap session,” Jay told us jokingly. We started laughing and went over to help him up. We started making our way out of the forest and heading back into Darkfield town.

    We made it back and a crowd of people were already waiting outside. They were all asking questions, the police and news people were out here too. They all wanted answers. We showed them the video and they later sent us home to be with our families. Darkfield town was making headlines, the story about ten teenagers fighting off witches and a giant monster was all over the place. Some people thought it was a hoax while others wanted our autographs. We became legends of Darkfield, but not the way we wanted. We held funerals for both Scarlett and Romy and later on we all went our separate ways. On campus people would always come up to me asking me about what happened that night, no matter where I went or who I was with, people just couldn’t stop bothering me about it.

    I kept in touch with the others and Gus was happy to be known as a Darkfield legend. Mari was the same as me, she was annoyed by everyone asking her about that night everywhere she went. Elias was doing online college because he couldn’t handle everyone coming up to him at once and asking for the story. Tristen and Pat worked with some hollywood directors and even made a film about what happened that night. Jay wrote a book about it and Regan helped sell it. Everyone was off doing their own thing. Some thought what happened was a good thing while others thought it wasn’t. At least we all knew that it was over, ever since then, nothing came close to being as frightful as that night. We lived the rest of our days peacefully as much as we could. One thing was for sure, we were all glad that it was over.

    End of FOTED Tales: Night of Fright

    Credits Theme.

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    Gustav_Kenny (!) Everyone go after the witches! We’ll take them all on! The Butcher had chased me and Regan up the stairs. W

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    Gr8 read m8.Nice choosing Nirvana as a credits theme.

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    Thanks for writing it!

    Gustav_Kenny (!) Everyone go after the witches! We’ll take them all on! The Butcher had chased me and Regan up the stairs. W

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    Gustav_Kenny (!) Everyone go after the witches! We’ll take them all on! The Butcher had chased me and Regan up the stairs. W

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    Reading Pro's stories always makes me happy tbh and always have the best endings. Thank you for writing this!

    Gustav_Kenny (!) Everyone go after the witches! We’ll take them all on! The Butcher had chased me and Regan up the stairs. W


    Reading Pro's stories always makes me happy tbh and always have the best endings. Thank you for writing this!

  • That was great, a job well done it really did keep me hooked.

    Gustav_Kenny (!) Everyone go after the witches! We’ll take them all on! The Butcher had chased me and Regan up the stairs. W

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    Thanks for the story!

    Gustav_Kenny (!) Everyone go after the witches! We’ll take them all on! The Butcher had chased me and Regan up the stairs. W

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    Loved it :P Thanks for the story!

  • FOTD Tales: A Mad World

    Intro- Part one


    Destruction all around. People dying, bodies piling up. Gunshots and explosions everywhere, civilians running for their lives only they don’t know that they’re running straight into their inevitable doom. Death was all around this city. As I watched above from the rooftop of this building, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was the way the world was going to end. This was all the work of one person and they were still planning on causing more damage…

    To make sense of things, I’d need to go back to the beginning. Back to when this all started. This story didn’t start with me though, it started with some old teammates of mine. But for now we’ll focus on one in particular, the one they tasked to go on a suicide mission. My old friend Jon (JonGon/Tiger).


    “You’ve had plenty to drink, sir. Are you sure you want another shot?” The barista behind the bar told me with a look of concern on her face.

    I was down to my thirteenth shot, getting drunk as hell to forget all the bad memories. I was in my usual bar in which I went to every Friday. I was drinking more than ever though, I felt like everything was a waste. There was nothing to go on for, I was down to my last penny and there were barely any jobs for a mercenary like me anymore. Nobody was willing to hire me because of the lack of trust among people nowadays, rarely someone would get a hold of me if they were really desperate, but the pay was usually shit. Everything was going downhill for me.

    “Yeah, I’m sure. Give me another shot, please,” I replied. The barista shook her head as if she thought I was making a mistake, but what did she know? She didn’t know me or what I had to go through to protect people like her and this country. She had no idea what real danger was. After this she’ll go home and rest in her bed with no worries, she’ll wake up the next morning and repeat the whole process of her daily life. She had no fucking idea.

    She poured another shot and went to attend to some other customers. “Jon?” I heard someone say my name behind me, their voice was unfamiliar. I had to play it cool.

    I drank the shot of whiskey down and turned around. Two men wearing black suits, white undershirts, black ties and dress shoes were staring at me. One of them was holding a briefcase. My best guess was that they were FBI or CIA. “No point in hiding who I am… what do you guys want?”

    “I’m agent Johnson and my partner here is agent Guerrero, we’re from the Counter Terrorism Force Operations.”

    “CTFO? My old employers. Never thought I’d hear from you guys again.”

    “Colonel Thompson has requested your presence back at our headquarters. He has a special mission he wants to assign you,” Johnson told me.

    “Really? Why isn’t the Colonel here himself?”

    “He’s taking care of some personal business, he’ll talk to you personally once we’re back at the base.” Johnson signaled Guerrero to open the briefcase, it was full of money, more than I needed. “Three million in cash once you get the job done. Would you like to continue this conversation somewhere more secluded?”

    I grabbed my chin and sighed. I didn’t think these guys had anything to lie about, I desperately needed the money too. I was curious about the mission, I was going to decide to follow them but I was going to keep an eye out at all times. “Take me back to the headquarters then, I want to hear more about this mission.” I grabbed a hundred dollar bill from out of the briefcase and left it on the counter.

    “You can’t—” Guerrero tried to speak but I cut him off.

    “Don’t worry, chump. This will be all mine once I finish the mission, now let’s go.” Guerrero looked agitated but Johnson calmed him down. We proceeded to get out of the bar and continue our way to the CTFO headquarters…

    A few hours went by and I was being prepped for the mission. They had specifically contacted me for the task, they knew I was retired but I would still work for money. I was in a small room with a doctor checking me over, standard procedures. The door opened and my old commanding officer walked in.

    “It’s about time.”

    “I had a small errand to run,” Colonel Thompson told me. He was my CO when I was still in the military and the CTFO. He trained me and even saved my life on a few occasions. If there was anyone I could trust here, it would be him.

    “What’s the good doctor injecting me with, Colonel?”

    “Just something to help sober you up quicker. When we found you it appeared that you were ready to pass out.”

    I chuckled at the thought. “Sure, but I was still sober enough to head home. I knew what I was doing. Truth be told, when your boys showed up I thought they were there to kill me. I was getting ready to pull my gun out until they informed me of this ‘special’ mission of yours. I didn’t believe them at first but that briefcase with all that money in it convinced me otherwise.”

    “That’s correct, Jon,” The Colonel said. He started pacing back and forth and let out a huge sigh. I had never seen him so unnerved.

    The doctor finished looking me over and headed out the door. I focused my attention back on the Colonel. “So what is this special mission? Why bother coming to me about it and what is it about this mission that makes you seem so nervous?”

    The Colonel stopped pacing and looked at me. “Is it that obvious?” He looked dead into my eyes and walked toward me. “Jon… the reason why I seem afraid is because this involves the whole world. If something isn’t done, then we’re all as good as dead.”

    “Oh…” I could hear it in his voice. The Colonel wasn’t joking around, whatever this mission was, it had to be serious if it made him that terrified.

    “You were part of an elite group, the team you were on worked on various missions that not even Black Operatives could handle. Only your team is capable of doing what we need you guys to do. You guys were among the best of the best. We need you now more than ever.”

    “It’s been years since I’ve worked with them. Anthony (LeeTheProfessional/Wolf) was the leader of the team. Is he here? And what about Liam (ComingSoon/Falcon) and CJ (BlueShadiw/Fox)?”

    “We’ve tried to get in contact with Wolf but it’s been a very difficult process to even get a trace on the guy. We managed to find Falcon and Fox and they have already been briefed on this operation.”

    “Going by our old code names, huh? Have Liam and CJ already accepted this mission?”

    “Yes, they have. We offered a hefty price and they were more than happy to oblige.”

    “Just like any other mercenary, the only thing we care about is getting paid.” The Colonel walked me out the door and I followed him over to the mission briefing room. Liam and CJ were already geared up and waiting.

    “Jon, long time no see,” Liam told me as he came up to shake my hand.

    CJ did the same right after. I shook both Liam’s and CJ’s hands. It was almost like I was meeting them again for the first time. Liam had grown a beard that almost made him look unrecognizable. CJ pretty much looked the same as before, the only difference was that his hair was a bit longer. The only person missing was our former team leader Anthony, he was in the Army Special Forces before they recruited him for this covert elite team. Liam was a former Marine Recon sniper and CJ was a former Navy Seal. I was in the Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance before joining and had my fair share of dangerous missions during my career.

    “It’s good to see that you two gentlemen are alive and well,” I told them.

    “Still alive and kicking,” Liam told me.

    CJ spoke up. “Same to you. Are you ready to do this, Jon? It’s been awhile since we’ve been on an actual mission together, and we’ve never been on one of this caliber before.”

    “The Colonel hasn’t given me the details, but I know that it’s something major. It supposedly involves the whole world.”

    “That’s correct,” The Colonel told us. “Unfortunately we couldn’t contact Major Wolf for this operation, but we’re trying our best to reach him. In the meantime, Captain Tiger will be in charge of First Lieutenant Falcon and Lieutenant Fox.”

    “Captain Tiger sounds a lot funnier than what I remember,” I said.

    “Well get used to it, I’ll be referring to you guys by code name from now on,” The Colonel told us.

    “So what’s the mission?” I asked.

    “Well first off I want to let you all know that there will be risks—”

    I interrupted. “Of course, there always are. You’re paying me three million dollars in cash so I expect the risks to be very high on this one.”

    “And on a count that you gathered us here, it must be very severe that you were forced to do so,” Liam told him.

    “Yes, well the mission is this: there’s a small island thirty-five kilometers off the coast of Crystalwood City. We’ll fly you via an HH-60 Pave Hawk, you’ll be high enough so no radars will detect you. Once you reach the drop zone you will all perform a HALO jump and once you’re on the ground you are to infiltrate the island undetected until you have sights on the target.” The Colonel was briefing us and showing us everything via monitors. A picture of a women showed up. She was missing her right arm, she had a scar on her left eyebrow, the left side of her head was shaved and she had an even bigger scar there. He continued. “This is mostly just for you, Tiger, considering that Falcon and Fox have heard this already.”

    “Who’s the target?” I asked.

    “She goes by the code name ‘Queen Bee’. With the intel we’ve gathered, we’ve learned that her name is Bianca (InfiniteDawn/Queen Bee), no last name as of yet and no former aliases. As you may have noticed, she’s distinguishable by a missing right arm and two scars. One on her left eyebrow and the other on the left side of her head. She’s believed to be around twenty-four to twenty-eight years of age. We have no prior knowledge of any of her crimes or allegations. She’s completely off the grid, she’s a ghost.” The Colonel switched the pictures and showed us a different set. “These were taken just a few hours before we brought you all here.”

    In the new pictures the Colonel showed us, it seemed like the Queen Bee had some sort of bomb with her. She was also wearing a scientist outfit. “Is that some sort of new nuclear weapon?”

    “No, Tiger,” The Colonel replied. “Well to be frank, we’re not entirely sure what it is, as of now we believe that it may very well be, but we don’t want to make assumptions without the facts yet. If it’s a bomb of nuclear proportions than God be with us if that thing detonates. If you look closely you can see some sort of device on her wrist, we believe that it is what triggers the other device that her guards are protecting.”

    “Will an EMP yield any results on that device of hers?” CJ asked.

    “As of now we can’t be too sure. It may be too risky, the device could malfunction and trigger the other device that appears to be a bomb. That’s not a risk we can afford to take at this time. Not until we’re entirely sure.”

    “So are we just going to go in like girl scouts and then take the device when she least expects it?” I asked.

    “No. This mission will revolve around espionage. You must try to get that device without anyone finding out that you’re there. Your second task is to bring the Queen Bee alive. But if anything goes awry, then try to procure that device before anything happens. The president himself has given you all the leisure to do whatever means necessary. You are allowed to kill, kidnap and torture. You are required to safeguard secrets if you steal and gather intel. You are allowed to break the laws without any consequences as long as it is necessary to complete the mission. Do whatever it takes to protect our country. It would be detrimental if any of this leaked, if you are captured or killed, no one will come to rescue you, we will not hold a funeral for you because we must deny that you even exist. We will deny any involvement and tell the authorities that you were acting on your own free will. Do you all understand?”

    Me, Liam and CJ all looked at each other. We’ve heard it all before, we knew the risks and consequences. We all nodded and turned our heads back to look at the Colonel. “Understood.”

    “Very well,” The Colonel replied. He showed us a different set of pictures. It seemed like a base of some sorts. “This is the Queen Bee’s base of operations. She calls it ‘The Hive’. The place is heavily guarded, but that’s where she’s keeping that device of hers. If it indeed turns out to be a bomb, then blow the base up all the way to Kingdom Come but make sure the ‘bomb’ is in safekeeping before doing so. There could be more of them in there as well, so make absolutely sure that you deactivate and shut them all off before even thinking about blowing the base up.”

    “So that’s it, right?” Liam asked.

    “That’s it,” The Colonel told us. He turned to look at me. “Jon, you may go and get geared up, the chopper will be outside and ready to take you all to the island.” He turned to look at a lady sitting across the room. “Any word from Wolf yet?”

    “No, sir. We’re still trying to contact him but to no avail, we may have to get the president involved.”

    “Do what you must then. If there’s any word from him, then you let me know ASAP.” He turned back to look at us. “If Wolf gets back to us I’ll let you know, but for now it’s just a three-man team.”

    “Okay then, we’ll start heading to the chopper right now. We’ll wait for you, Jon,” Liam told me.

    Liam and CJ started making their way out of the briefing room. I started to make my way out as well until the Colonel said something. “Jon!” I turned around. “Good luck…”

    I nodded my head and continued on my way out. I was a bit nervous, only because I hadn’t been on a mission like this for a very long time. I became a mercenary and did small operations here and there, but nothing like this. If the Queen Bee had a nuclear weapon, then billions of lives were at stake. I was in charge of the team but I wished that Wolf was here, he taught us a lot about surviving, keeping calm under pressure and focusing on staying alive. We were brothers on the battlefield, we sweat and bled together, we watched each other’s backs and did whatever we could to stay alive. We made sure that getting back home safely was our number one priority.

    I grabbed a tactical vest, black cammies and combat boots. I equipped myself with a combat knife, some smoke grenades, flashbangs and ammo for my Colt M4 Carbine with a hand grip and ACOG scope, I made sure to take some ammo for my Beretta M9 as well. I went over to look at my reflection in the mirror, it was just like the old days. I sighed and made my way out of the base. I was walking down the hall and I could hear the chopper’s rotor blades revving as I got closer to the exit. The door was already open and the Colonel was waiting outside. I spotted Liam and CJ already in the helicopter. The Colonel saluted and I did the same. I jogged over to the chopper and got inside, it started to lift off and I watched as we began to leave the base and heading toward the island. It was all up to us now...

  • and CJ was a former Navy Seal

    enter image description here

    Wait, I thought I was a fox...

    FOTD Tales: A Mad World Intro- Part one LeeTheProfessional Destruction all around. People dying, bodies piling up. Gunsho

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