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  • Do you have background music turned off? If yes, turn it back on. That whole sequence is background music (including the voice).
  • It was on, but for some reason the music wasn't playing at all. After rebooting my computer it works again oddly enough.
  • I came to this forum for one reason : see if I was the only one with no sound during the "war song" sequence
    no I see that it happened to someone else
    I'm going to reboot my PC
    telltale : know that I didn't restart my PC since I installed the game, I have been playing for 2 hours now with background music and effects ON

    still no sound
    I am going to finish the game without hearing the song
    very sad **Sigh**
  • after finishing the game I still wanted to hear that song !
    (I didn't even have the end credit music)
    so I did a lot a reboot
    I have a savegame before I give the bottle
    (why is there an autosave at that moment when it doesn't work ? my autosave brings me back when I leave bosco's with the bottle)

    so, about that music
    I had to turn off every backgound application : sound manager, Qtask, mailwasher, msn...
    there was nothing left but Kaspersky internet security
    still no music
    I decided to turn of my firewall and antivirus, guess what :
    I finally heard the song , at that point I reallized I missed a lot of background music within the game
    it's the first episode out of 4 that caused me such trouble
  • Just to clarify: is Kaspersky Internet Security your antivirus and your firewall?
  • yes, Kaspersky internet security is both my firewall and antivirus
  • (why is there an autosave at that moment when it doesn't work ? my autosave brings me back when I leave bosco's with the bottle)
    The auto-save is stored in a regular save slot that time, so you can go back to the war song again later if you want to.

    It's really weird that turning off your antivirus software affected this. We've heard from a few other people who aren't hearing background music... I wonder if this would work for them?
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    Ryan Telltale Alumni
    Zitoune, have you tried turning on the firewall and the virus protection software again ? Try turning one off at a time and let me know if it makes a difference.
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    Ryan Telltale Alumni
    also did you recently update Direct X?
  • Hi all,

    I have exactly the same problem. This sequence looks to be pure Sam n Max crazyness so it's really disappointing.

    I' using an old Sound Blaster Live 5.1 but this is the only sound problem I have (nothing on other games or windows apps).

    Do you guys have any brilliant ideas to fix this ?



    PS : I have tried disabling my antivirus/firewall and updated Direct X and still nothing...
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