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Central European Timer's - who's gonna stay up late tonight??

posted by Mermaid on - last edited - Viewed by 4K users
When I found out chapter 5 would be released on a Tuesday I first thought about not downloading / playing it before the following weekend.

Yesterday I thought: "Ah, what the heck...I'm gonna play it the day it comes out: tomorrow."

This morning (CET time) I caught up on the news on this site and read about the "PST AFTERNOON" release. My thought: "Ah, well, that's going to be too late for me, I'll have to work tomorrow and all...gonna play it Wednesday after work."

NOW (6:50 pm CET) with the first spoilerish reviews popping up everywhere, torturing me in my excitement even more, I don't give a damn anymore.

So I'm now opening the club of CET timers: Who's gonna be with me, staying up all night for the release and if it'll be 2 am??
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