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Something ELSE to do while waiting...

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Tell me who (character, not voice) speaks these lines, who to (if applicable), about what and in which chapter in which game (or cutscene). Bonus points for those who correct me in my quotes (I'm bound to recall a few wrong, lol). You can also post random lines yourself to see if anyone can guess.

Fairly easy (guessable, even if last time you played the game was 5 years ago)

1) Hey, cool! It points North! Science is fun when you know the secret.

2) You're pretty good, boy! But let's see you follow this...

3) My plans for the governor are far too important.

4) Mr Brush? Is that you?

5) Curse the villains! They never give you enough slaw with these value meals...

6) Wow, it works both ways! That's some chicken!

7) Hey! He stole the duck!

8) Boy, am I glad to be out of that thing!

9) Well, that was certainly easier than getting TO Monkey Island.

10) I thought if I died, I'd be buried with your aunt.

Medium (not guessable; you need to know every game pretty well)

11) This is creepy feelin'...

12) We often forget those who help us most.

13) Whaddya say, men? Shall we make him walk the plank?

14) That sure was a close one. Thank goodness I'm

15) Neint...err...twenty-one.

16) I've got something that simply reeks. Take it or leave it.

17) I'm one gifted with a second sight.

18) I've found them! I've found them! That's right!

19) Sorry, the blender's not big enough! Hahahaha!

20) Fop!

Hard (you need to know every game inside out because these can so easily get confused with something someone else says and they're obscure)

21) Guybrush?

22) An excellent choice! That'll be 20 pieces of eight.

23) On second thought, I don't think I'm going in there for any reason.

24) I'll be back!

25) Sure, sure...

26) I think I know just how he felt.

27) Not even close!

28) How much do I need?

29) Yup. Who knew?

30) Well, nice place you have here. See ya.

HINT: I haven't used any from TMI.
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  • tbm1986;237606 said:

    22 is wrong
    So that must be the shopkeeper. On Booty? Sounds to friendly for Melee shopkeeper.
    tbm1986;237606 said:
    21 is fundamentally wrong (she only says it once, in one game, believe it or not)
    E: ...only man I loved, Guybrush Threepwood... Guybrush?
    LC: [shoots] Fish him out.
    E: Guybrush? What happened to your hand?
    G: What hand?
  • @PK:

    1) correct situation, wrong time

    3) before, not after

    4) Correct person, wrong time, place and game

    7) Right game, wrong person

    9) Wrong game

    11) Correct game and character, wrong time

    12) Wrong island

    14) Correct! :)

    16) Unlucky wild guess

    17) Wrong

    21) You're right if you're thinking of it being part of a larger line. She also says it earlier, on its own.

    22, 23 & 26) Wrong

    30) You need to be more specific for the point
  • hmmmm... while time passes by ... i need to find some little distraction OUTSIDE this technobox called pc ... hmmm ... finaly learning french .. i try that 15 years now ..

    looool .. the larger the pain .. the more gigantic the RELIEV when its finaly over ...

    youtube great escape .. all time favourite song

    man that trip in florida realy was weird .. no messing with you .. it was just exactly like a lucas arts adventure .. seriously .. i nearly got shot once .. and worked illegal on the scaffle .. but it was all like this .. use this with this .. talk to that guy .. ... looool .... weird reality ..
  • @GuruGuru214: You're correct with everything you've answered but you didn't put about/subject/situation
  • Hm, I didn't do so hot.

    At least I still have my glorious TMI button signed by the developers that I won from a trivia question.
  • That Trivia realy is fun. But this overshadowing Le Chuck allways dropped my temper, and i just was not in the mood for realy enjoying the atmosphere to the max; in contrary to most of the others i presume. (Thats why i enjoyed telltales Monkey Island: Le Chuck was not planing anything evil. I could relax and just enjoy the show. Sigh, lets see what happens in Rise of the Pirate Good.
  • @Secret Fawful: 2-7 are correct (but more info needed on 7), 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 19, 20 (for 21, see my comment on PK's answer), 22 (but more info needed), 24 and 30 are all correct too.
  • @Sammichy: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 (more info needed), 10, 13, 14 (more info needed), 17 (more info needed) and 21 are all right
  • tbm1986;237778 said:
    @Secret Fawful: 2-7 are correct (but more info needed on 7), 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 19, 20 (for 21, see my comment on PK's answer), 22 (but more info needed), 24 and 30 are all correct too.
    Yeah! I'm the greatest! THE GREATEST!
  • @unicornfoal: you got all attempted right except for 16 and 30. Very well done, seeing as you're a bit rusty.
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