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Chapter 5

posted by Karl on - last edited - Viewed by 3.9K users
Okay so I finished the swordfight, and I got the bone and the anchor, and haven't managed do do anything at the thief's place. At the thief's place, I got the hint to use the dog to find lechuck's treasure, but I don't see any dog? Help on what to do next?
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  • MurrayTheTalkingSkull;238096 said:
    I just got sent back into the cross roads. What am i supposed to do?
    Be specific, this happens more than once.
  • well i got passed where i was.. I now keep getting kick out of my body. what am i supposed to do?
  • Okay, grand finale time. I'm stuck in the crossroads having beaten LeChuck. What next? Or did I screw up somehow?

    EDIT: Ah, never mind. Just remember the first spell and everything's fine.
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